9 services provided by the Egyptian Traffic Portal for motorists, most notably the renewal of the license

The Egypt Traffic Portal, developed by the Ministry of the Interior, is provided to facilitate licensing processes without going to traffic units and to reduce congestion at the unit outlets and reduce gatherings to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic, and to follow the instructions of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization in precautionary and preventive measures against the emerging Corona virus epidemic . This portal offers many electronic traffic services, namely:

1Vehicle license renewal.

2Issuing an electronic poster.

3Replacement of lost vehicle license.

4Replacement for damaged vehicle license.

5Ensure that the vehicle license data are correct.

6Replacement for a lost driver’s license.

7Replacement for a damaged driver’s license.

8Inquire about traffic fines.

9 – Your painting “An electronic auction for the sale of distinctive car plates for” Long Live Egypt “.

This comes within the framework of the Egyptian government and the Ministry of Interior’s keenness to expand electronic services and digital transfer to relieve citizens in time and reduce pressure on employees, in addition to reducing congestion and gatherings in conjunction with the spread of the new Corona virus pandemic among citizens.

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