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A brutal Houthi ballistic attack on a theater in Jizan

The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced, on Sunday evening, a brutal attack with a ballistic missile that fell in the industrial area in one of the theaters in Jizan (southwest of Saudi Arabia). Yemeni.

He explained that this is the third attempt to target civilians of different nationalities in the industrial zone, noting that a resident was slightly injured, according to a preliminary report, and work is underway to assess the damage at the site.

Material damage to workshops and civilian vehicles in the industrial area in one of the theaters in Jazan

The coalition also reported material damage to a number of workshops and civilian vehicles in the industrial area of ​​one of the theaters, and two minor injuries to residents of Bangladeshi and Sudanese nationalities, considering that the targeting is deliberate and systematic to threaten the lives of citizens and residents of different nationalities.

The coalition stressed that the immediate response to the threat necessitates dealing firmly with this heinous and brutal attack.

Houthi car bomb dropped in northwest Yemen

On Sunday, the Yemeni army downed a booby-trapped Houthi drone, the third in a week, in Hajjah Governorate, northwest of the country.

The media center of the Fifth Military Region of the Yemeni army said that a Houthi militia’s explosive device was intercepted in the sky of Bani Hassan’s isolation in the Abs district, the largest district of Hajjah.

This comes a day after a Houthi reconnaissance plane was shot down in the Hayran district, and a week after a booby-trapped plane was intercepted off the coast of Marsa Habl, south of Midi District, Hajjah Governorate.

The Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, has intensified the use of booby-trapped and reconnaissance drones, which the United Nations panel of experts previously said were assembled from externally sourced components and shipped to Yemen, and that the “Qasef” or “striker” is almost identical in design. and the dimensions and capabilities of the Ababil-T, which is manufactured by Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Company.

The coalition displays pictures of one of the marches that were intercepted and destroyed

The report of the United Nations experts charged with monitoring the arms embargo imposed on Yemen since 2015, stated that the Houthi militia acquired new weapons in 2019, some of which have characteristics similar to those produced in Iran.

The report submitted to the Security Council said that, “in addition to the well-known weapons systems they have had so far, (the Houthis) are using a new type of Delta drone and a new model of land cruise missiles.”

It is noteworthy that the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced on Friday that the Saudi defenses had destroyed a ballistic missile that was launched towards the city of Khamis Mushait.

The coalition said the ballistic missile was launched from Saada airport using Ain Madani.

He also revealed that “the Houthis deliberately targeted a commercial center in Khamis Mushait with a ballistic missile,” stressing that “the Houthi escalation targeting civilians requires an immediate response to protect civilians,” stressing that the process of responding to the ballistic threat and marches requires its continuation.

It is noteworthy that during the past periods, the coalition carried out a number of air strikes against the Houthis and their military sites in Sanaa and other Yemeni areas under the control of the militias.

It also broadcast video clips showing the militias turning Sanaa Airport into a military base, threatening navigation.

In addition, in a statement last week, he warned the militias against continuing their attacks on civilians, calling for an immediate halt to their hostile activity and the evacuation of camps in Sanaa, stressing that their movements would be monitored. He said that if the Houthis did not comply, those sites would be bombed and hit, in accordance with international law standards.