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A Czech singer dies after deliberately contracting Covid-19

A Czech popular singer died of Covid-19, after deliberately contracting the Corona virus, according to a statement made by her son to the BBC.

And Hana Hurka, 57, had posted on social media that she was recovering after being infected with the Corona virus, and she was without vaccination, but she died two days later.

Her son, Jan Rick, said she deliberately contracted the virus when he and his father were infected, and that she did so to be able to enter some places.

Entry to many social and cultural places in the Czech Republic, such as cinemas, bars and cafes, requires proof of having the Corona vaccine or recovery from a recent infection with the virus.

On Wednesday, the Czech Republic recorded a record number of infections with the Corona virus.

Rick and his father contracted the virus around Christmas and were vaccinated, but he said his mother decided not to stay away from them, deliberately exposing herself to the disease.

“She had to isolate herself for a week after we were infected, but she stayed with us the whole time,” he said.

Rick added that his mother, who belongs to one of the oldest popular singing groups in the Czech Republic, wanted to be infected with the Corona virus in order to get rid of the imposed health restrictions.

Two days before her death, she wrote on social media that she was recovering from the disease: “A date with the theater, the sauna, and the concert.”

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Jan Rik says his mom’s band is a legend in the country’s folk music

Hana said on the day of her death on Sunday that she was feeling better, and got dressed to go out for a walk, but she felt pain in her back, so she returned and lay on her bed in the bedroom. After 10 minutes, she passed away, according to her son.

But he said his mother, although she did not receive the vaccine, did not believe those ridiculous conspiracy theories about coronavirus vaccines.

He added that she thought she would be more comfortable if she contracted the virus than she would be if she received the vaccine.

He continued saying that there was no room to discuss the matter with her because she is affected quickly, adding that he hopes her story will motivate people to receive the vaccine.

“Reality stories are more impactful than illustrations and numbers. I don’t think people sympathize with numbers.”

The number of new infections with the Corona virus in the Czech Republic reached a record high on Wednesday, as the authorities recorded 28,469 cases in a country with a population of 10.7 million people.

The government has approved new measures to confront the high number of infections, including compulsory tests for employees and schoolchildren, and reducing the period of quarantine for those infected without symptoms from 14 days to 5 days.

At the beginning of this month, thousands of people took to the streets in Prague and other cities to protest against the compulsory vaccination of a number of groups of society. The government is expected to announce its plan soon.

The vaccination rate in the Czech Republic was 63 percent, compared to an average of 69 percent in the European Union.