A deputy in the “sheikhs”: Egypt has a strong health system

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Representative Sameh Salah El-Shimi, a member of the Senate in Alexandria, said that Egypt now has a strong health system that ensures the provision of a decent medical service to all Egyptians with international standards that keep pace with the development that Egypt is currently witnessing in all fields.

“Al-Shimi” stated, in press statements, on Tuesday, that the presidential health initiatives launched by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi from the opening of medical projects in various governorates put Egypt in the ranks of countries in the world with regard to the health field.

He pointed out that the Ismailia Medical Complex, which the President inaugurated today, includes a group of integrated treatment centers in different specialties and emergency departments to provide medical services to the people of the province, according to the latest standards of accreditation and international quality, in addition to that it is a major center within the integrated health insurance program for citizens in the governorate, in The framework of the comprehensive health insurance system, which is planned to be established and circulated at the level of the Republic to provide integrated health care, in accordance with the highest medical standards for all Egyptians at the level of the Republic, which will help reduce the burden on citizens.

He said that the presidential health initiatives have strongly contributed to improving the level of services provided to citizens in addition to upgrading the infrastructure level of the system, which in turn contributed to the application of comprehensive health insurance in a number of governorates, and to proceed with the implementation of the project in the rest of the governorates.

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