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A dispute between a couple in Mecca due to advertisements and appearances on social media

Lawyer: The incident is subject to the judge’s discretion to annul the marriage or not

Lawyer Faisal bin Turki Gharbi narrated; The story of a request for the annulment of a marriage contract, which he described as “strange of its kind”; After a woman demanded an annulment of her marriage contract because her husband prevented her from filming on social media programs, and advertised as an “influencer”.

“Gharbi” told the story to “Previously”: “After years of their marriage, the wife goes to social media programs for advertisements, while the husband prevents her from appearing on those programs, while she defends by saying that he agrees to the condition of her marriage contract, which is not to prevent her from working.” .

He added: “Her husband’s refusal because of what he faced from criticism and presentation of the privacy and instability of their marital life, as it is one of the most prominent modern problems due to which the marriage contract may be annulled, and since the marriage contract is a heavy pact and a bond that brings together the spouses by choice, it is not permissible to be coerced in any way. Because it is related to the life of the spouses, their future and their children, and therefore it is not permissible for one of the two parties to enter into the contract under duress, deceit, or deceit, because Islamic Sharia prohibits deception in all contracts, including the marriage contract.

Gharbi concluded by saying: “These reasons are among the modern reasons that we are witnessing at the present time, and among the advice that we advise, which is that the objectives of both spouses in marriage contracts must be clarified, while respecting the covenants entrusted to them, that they be reasonable and easy conditions to implement between the two parties to the contract. , realizing the purposes of Islamic Sharia, with this contract, and given the recentness of the incident so that (fame on social media) is not a specific act with a specific system, and with cases that are considered to be a source of livelihood for them, this case is considered subject to the discretionary authority of the judge to annul the marriage or not.