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A former Egyptian minister: Ethiopia’s intransigence brings us back to Square Zero, and the idea of ​​selling water to Egypt played with fire


A former Egyptian minister: Ethiopia's intransigence brings us back to Square Zero, and the idea of ​​selling water to Egypt played with fire


Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – Archive

Former Egyptian Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Hossam El Din Maghazi confirmed that Ethiopia’s stubborn stance regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is bringing negotiations back to square zero again.

He said in exclusive statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm: This comes after more than 10 years of negotiation from the Egyptian and Sudanese sides, and their patience in order to reach an agreement that guarantees the rights of the downstream countries, but the obstinate stance of a series of incomprehensible Ethiopian stances means that all efforts The precedent in this context means Ethiopia’s disavowal of it.

He added, “I think that the position of Egypt and Sudan in this file is clear, which is that negotiation is the first strategic way to reach a solution, but with this obstinate and elusive Ethiopian stance, the two countries are forced to take the issue’s path to the international level, the Security Council and the United Nations.”

In response to a question about Ethiopia’s intention to sell water to Egypt and Sudan behind its construction of the dam, Maghazi said, “Thinking about selling water is tantamount to playing with fire in the sources of the Nile and thus tampering with peoples’ capabilities, which is something no one knows its dimensions and the problems that may result from affecting all countries. Nile Basin “.

He continued: “The threat to use force and hit the dam is premature, and we do not want the solution to be force. We are neighbors and brothers and we have common interests and we do not want them to be a precedent.”

He expressed his hope that the Ethiopian side would stand up during the next three months, which is the period of the second filling of the dam, as Ethiopia announced in reaching an agreement, and that “Egypt is not against development, but without the agreement, it means striking the interests of Egypt and Sudan against the wall.”

Source: “Al-Masry Al-Youm”