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A poetry evening by the poet Amin Haddad at the Heliopolis Library .. tomorrow


The Heliopolis Library Garden will witness a poetry evening by the poet Amin Haddad tomorrow, Friday, April 9th ​​at 5 pm, accompanied by the music of Hassan El Manyalawy and the singer of the artist May Haddad, singing some of the songs by the great poet Fouad Haddad such as “Bint Al Sultan, Love the Homeland”, And others.

It is noteworthy that Amin Haddad, born in 1958, is the son of the late poet Fouad Haddad, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering in 1981 and began writing poetry at the age of twenty-three, and from his collections “Reehah Al Habayeb”, “Sweetness of Spirit”, “In death we will live”, “instead of Lost, and “Time Stole Us”, who won the 2017 Cairo International Book Fair award, and he also has a children’s story collection entitled “Atmosphere is beautiful,” and a collection of songs performed by the “Eskendrilla” group, and won the Cavafy Prize in Literature for the year 2011.