A study reveals the problems of canals and drains in Egypt before launching the lining project

A study by the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies stated that the lengths of canals in Egypt amount to approximately 33 thousand kilometers, extending from Alexandria to Aswan, and they were established during the reign of Muhammad Ali, that is, nearly 200 years ago. The loss of it is estimated at about 19 billion cubic meters. This loss is a major reason for the suffering of agricultural lands in Egypt from a shortage of water, but most of the canals in the Sinai Peninsula are completely lined, because they are new lands..

The study showed that canals and drains suffer from several health and environmental problems, chiefly the piles of garbage and waste that clog the water drains, and they are threatening sudden disasters after many of them became out of service and turned into a source of epidemics and viruses..

The study confirmed that the canals lining project is one of the successful ways to rehabilitate canals and drains to ensure that water reaches its ends without hindrances, reduces evaporation, and achieves fair distribution between agricultural lands, which contributes to solving part of farmers’ complaints about water shortage, as the project aims to deliver water to the ends of canals in quantity and quality. And the right timing.

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