A terrible traffic accident in Egypt raises controversy

Cairo: “The Gulf”

On Sunday, the pioneers of social media circulated a video clip of a car traveling against the direction of traffic on a highway in Egypt, after which it was subjected to a terrible accident that led to the ignition of the car.

A security source said: The driver of the car is a girl who has not yet been identified or identified, as a result of her body being completely charred, after her car was ignited. As a result of the accident, indicating that she was traveling on the desert road.

The source explained, according to local media, that the security forces moved to the scene of the incident upon reporting it, explaining that the prosecution had authorized the burial of the girl’s body, in addition to emptying all the cameras on the road on which the car was located To search for any photos that were taken of the car before it burned, to find out its license plate numbers, and then know the identity of its owner.

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