A Turkish move against the “Brotherhood” and prevented their channels from attacking Egypt

Reports of leaders being placed “under house arrest” and the accounts of some of them examined

In the first practical step that translates successive statements over the past weeks about Ankara’s desire to open a new page in relations with Egypt, the Turkish authorities have obligated the TV channels of the Muslim Brotherhood, which broadcast from Istanbul, to avoid political affairs and attacks and insulting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah. Al-Sisi and the Egyptian government, and abandoning the method of incitement and insult to the Egyptian state and the Gulf states.

The three Muslim Brotherhood-speaking channels (“Al Sharq”, “Complementary” and “Watan”) changed the map of their programs and canceled the broadcast of some political programs that are characterized by severe rhetoric towards the Egyptian government, Thursday night – last Friday, after a meeting held by officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Turkish in Ankara with the heads of the three channels. Sources in those channels revealed to Asharq Al-Awsat that the instructions of the Turkish side were clear, with a warning against closing the channels that do not comply, and deporting media professionals who do not respond to the new rules of work.

In the same context, Turkish media reported that the authorities imposed house arrest on Brotherhood leaders and media professionals working in these channels, and demanded 30 leaders to remain silent and not make political statements, indicating that the coming days may witness auditing the accounts of some leaders and media professionals in banks, and deportation Some leaders, and the handing over of numbers of people wanted by the Egyptian authorities for being convicted of crimes in Egypt.
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