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A young man survived a rockfall accident while he was sleeping in his room in Al-Leith

Al-Yazidi: The house is located in an unsafe place.. and appeals to intervene to remove the damage

A young man survived yesterday when a rock fell inside his room while he was sleeping in the center of Bani Yazid, east of Al-Laith Governorate. He was not hurt; The rock settled close to it after it fell from a high place, penetrating the wall of the room.

According to the information that the father of the young man, “Raziq al-Yazidi” told “Previously”, his son, “Bilal” (19 years), woke up yesterday at noon to the sound of the rock that penetrated the wall of his room; To settle near him, after he fell from a high place overlooking their house located in the center of Bani Yazid.

He emphasized that divine providence saved the family from an imminent disaster; The traces of the rock and the devastation it left illustrate the danger to them in the house between the rocks, which he described as an unsafe house.

The “Yazidi” citizen, who works as a guard in a school, demanded the intervention of the competent authorities, to remove the damage quickly, and to extend a helping hand to him by the Bani Yazid and White Hands Association to replace his house with a safer one for him and his family.

The information indicates that the affected citizen did not report the accident to the competent authorities because it coincided with the family’s preoccupation with mourning the death of one of their relatives in a tragic traffic accident two days ago. On the other hand, it is expected that the Bani Yazid Center Association will intervene for its humanitarian role in such cases, especially since the victim is one of the beneficiaries.