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Adel Karam to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat – My taste changes and no series satisfies me

Welcome to Adel Karam, who plays one of his beautiful roles. How cool you look, man, despite your disdain for murder! Why? Because you are not ugly on the inside; You are moved by a deep pain and a need for justice since your father (in the series) was killed by a stray bullet and the absence of reckoning. In his account on Twitter, “Witness” wondered if he was justified in what he was committing: the crimes against the wicked. Frequency prevailed over the answer, but the majority supported it. Adel Karam hears what he deserves after getting tired: fun until the last shot. And the fun of Cyrine Abdel Nour in her madness, wildness and sick laugh. Thank you guys for 10 episodes of awesomeness. And now to the conversation with Adel. On the other hand, he told Asharq Al-Awsat: “I represent my mood, and I do not accept any role. All adware stations. I choose my work carefully and do my best.”

For about a year and a half, Nasser Fakih “ticked” the text, so he wrote it slowly and with pleasure. “We are preparing slowly,” Adel Karam himself and the jurist “Rafiq al-Darb” means, with his brother Tariq Karam, owners of the “Roof Top Production” company, producer of the series “Dur al-Omar”, which “Shahid” finished its show and reaped the huge echoes. The script drew him in, “This is not easy in our profession.” Today it is “in a state of change”. What do you mean please? “I have to be offered to please my tastes. I am looking for texts that provoke me and motivate me. Here the mixture is unique: text, image and cast, with a template of suspense and action. I found myself in the series, and I agreed to it.”

The characters evolved, until they reached what we saw: everyone in their place, performing from the heart. To be fair, we enumerate: Talal Al-Jardi with his morals and Joseph Zitouni with his violations; Yara Fares bypassing disappointment and Jean Daccache with the fall of the mask. All of them: Gabriel Yammine’s looks, Nawal Kamel’s passing, greed for Al-Khalil, Raymond Azar’s pain, and those who cannot be mentioned, but his impact is great among people. Cyrine Abdel Nour forces Adel Karam to answer the question: What if someone other than the heroine of the role participated with you, would he have achieved this success? “I don’t see anything else after the beauty of the performance. The character was presented perfectly.

It is true, O Adel. Sincere giving fills a person, and he talks about it without anyone’s favour. precede him to others; And like a glow, it’s impossible to hide. Just as it is impossible to hide your touches on the characters “Persian” and “Prince”, the “tactic” of the actor sweetens the “Cracter”. “It was not easy to separate the two characters. I had to get out of a situation to get into situations,” he answers like a victor.

He loves seeing Nasser Fakih; Friend of the years since comedy to drama. “He has a special view, and his experience as a director makes his script different.” Fakih had the feeling that he was writing for Karam, before agreeing with him to star in the series. His last joke: “If you write well, I’ll take the role!”, and they laughed. Today, after showing the ten episodes, the two friends, along with the team and director Saeed Al Marouk, are reaping the good fruits. That saturated with the summer sun and the scent of the earth. It has a name that tickles the heart: well-deserved success!

He loves the brilliance of Al-Marouk and the beauty of his portrayal of scenes of nature, relationships and emotions. We are really impressed! He tells the story: “Since the late 1990s, we have been trying to arrange a joint business. Check the meet this year! Things look more amazing at the right times.”

The decision to implement “Shahid” is that there is a second part of “Dur al-Omar” or that one part is sufficient. Adel Karam weighs the possibility, “but nothing is settled yet.” He is not the type who directs his anger on a specific type of drama, “the market is in a hurry, and it must continue.” He does not throw a stone at the Lebanese drama, “there are all levels of it,” and describes the Arab drama as “excellent”. He is enticed by what “Shahid” presents: wonderful works. He puts himself in the face of himself, “If I had been raised with any success, I would have stopped at (Case No. 23). I will continue my journey to the top.”

As a reminder, “Case No. 23,” a film by Ziad Doueiri, starring Adel Karam, brought Lebanon to the Oscar nominations. That was in 2017. Today, four years later, he looks at himself with gratitude. The equation: “If I was offered works of a standard, I would act in three series a year. If I am not offered something that meets my ambition, I will not be drawn into any offer. I refuse to see myself in unworthy roles.”

Because he is an actor, he does not “arrogant” over a category. He has been absent from comedy for a long time. He is the owner of characters engraved in memory: “Alphonse”, “Fred”, “Abu Riad”, “Majdi” and many laughs. Ah on the days, with what hammer to grind one! Adel Karam clarifies that he is not a comedic character, contrary to what people think: “I am an actor, I perform all the characters.” After the August 4 earthquake, he stopped thinking about any comic project. It could have been among the victims, had it not been for God’s mercy. His house is in exchange for rubbish, and it was by the grace of fate that on that terrible Tuesday afternoon he wanted to visit his mother, “otherwise I would have been on the balcony, a prey to death.” Since the tragedy, he is no longer able to make people laugh. “I am also human. I would be ashamed of myself if I changed my convictions and feelings. I am not brainless.”

I wish we could avoid talking about the Lebanese fire, but we are burning to the bone. With pain, Adel Karam wonders: “How do I tell my sons: they endured the intense heat with the power outages and the rationing of generators? How do I explain to them the lack of medicine in pharmacies? The pressure is huge on me. I am no longer responsible only for myself, so manage. I’m a father. Like all Lebanese, I don’t know what awaits my family.

It hurts to ask the question, but is Adel Karam thinking about emigrating? Leave the volcano and search for safety? “no answer”. He is tormented by the struggle to leave or stay: “I cannot resolve the issue. Question marks crowded my head. Our fates are at stake. A complete waste.”

Sharing pain restores something of the soul. “Since the port exploded, I have been hurt every day,” says Adel Karam. Sorry to correct the terminology, it is more correct that we are annihilated. Alive, but killed.