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Advantages of registering a mobile number on the Egypt support website .. Know the details


The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade continues to extract the ration cards in place of the damaged and lost electronically from the “Egypt Support” website without the need to go to the Supply Office, provided that the owner of the card or a family member registered with the card has a mobile number in his name and is registered on the Egypt Support website.

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade continues to receive the registration of the mobile number on the Egypt Support website, for the owners of the beneficiaries’ cards from the supply goods and bread system, and through the mobile phone number, the ministry can communicate with the card holders and inform them of anything that will benefit them about the support system, and the ministry has also taken all the facilities regarding Issuing cards for the replacement of damaged or lost ones, within the framework of the keenness of Dr. Ali Al-Moselhy, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, to facilitate and make all catering services available to citizens easily and conveniently..

Amr Madkour, an advisor to the Minister of Supply for Information Systems and Technology, reiterated in statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea that failure to register the mobile number on the “support” Egypt website will not harm any citizen or beneficiary of the supply goods system, but will deprive the citizen himself of some of the advantages that the ministry will announce. Soon, pointing out that as soon as the card owner logs into the Egypt Support website and type the mobile number, the number is reviewed with the relevant authorities within two weeks, to ensure that the number is registered in the name of the card holder with the mobile companies or in the name of one of the family members registered on the same card, and that If the number is found to be correct, the messages he receives on the exchange vouchers for bread or goods will be canceled.