Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture: The New Delta is a gigantic project that will change the agricultural map in Egypt

Dr. Naeem Moselhy, advisor to the Minister of Agriculture for horizontal expansion projects, revealed new details in the New Delta project, stressing that it is a project that changes the map of agriculture in Egypt at a cost of 400 billion pounds near the Dabaa area.

In a telephone interview on Al-Hadath TV today, Friday evening, Meslehi confirmed that the main goal of the project is to achieve sustainable development and support the Egyptian product, noting that the whole world is facing the challenges of food security and climate change.

The advisor to the Minister of Agriculture for horizontal expansion projects added that the agricultural sector is one of the most important pillars of the economy, and this matter was evident during the pandemic of the new Corona virus that strikes the world, indicating that many countries in the world have considered redrawing the strategy of the agricultural sector in them.

Moselhy added that the New Delta project has been launched, and this project helps the horizontal expansion and adds from 2 million to 2 and a half million feddans to the agricultural area in Egypt.

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