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After accusing a senior official of sexual assault the Chinese tennis player appears in a new video

A government-linked media released footage of Bing Shuai as a guest of a match

According to recent reports, Chinese tennis player Bing Shuai appeared in video footage as a guest at a match; A government-linked media posted on Twitter a video clip, in which it said Bing Shuai appears, according to the BBC.

In detail, tennis players, officials and governments around the world have expressed their concerns about the Chinese player’s safety; The tennis player had claimed two weeks ago that she was sexually abused by a former Chinese vice-premier, and has not contacted the Women’s Tennis Association since then.

The Chinese player appeared in a video clip, which was published on Sunday by the “Global Times” website, which is linked to the government, and said that the shot was taken at the opening of a tennis match for young people.

This is the third snapshot posted on that site; In the previous two clips, the player appeared having dinner with her coach and other friends in a restaurant.

Reuters reported that event organizers also posted photos of the player on the organization’s WeChat page.

A spokesman for the International Tennis Association told Reuters news agency that the recent video footage was not enough to prove the player’s safety, and does not reassure those concerned about her safety.

This comes after the association’s director, Steve Simon, said Saturday that it was not clear from the previous published footage whether the tennis player was free and able to act freely without coercion or outside interference, while the association threatened to withdraw matches from China unless it obtained evidence of the player’s safety.

Meanwhile, the British Foreign Office issued a statement, expressing concern for Peng and urging China to provide urgent evidence of her safety and whereabouts.

Ping, China’s number one tennis player, had posted allegations that former Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli had forced her into a sexual relationship with him, but she later deleted the post.

Some famous tennis players, including Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, expressed their concern, and 20-times champion Roger Federer said: “It is worrying. I hope you are safe.”

In video footage, posted to the account of a pro-Chinese Communist Party editor, Peng Shuai can be seen with other important figures, smiling and waving her hand.

It was said that the clip was filmed on Sunday morning, and two clips had been published on government platforms, including a clip depicting the player in a restaurant, in order to prove that she is not being harassed.

But the footage only exacerbated concern because of the apparent fabrication, and so far there has been no response to calls from the Women’s Tennis Association, a number of the game’s stars and some governments to provide evidence that Bing Shuai is really free to speak and act freely.