After the declaration of “the servants” … Tamer Amin backtracks on the insult of Al-Sa`ida: Egypt’s pride and honor

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Journalist Tamer Amin retracted his statements about parents in the countryside and Upper Egypt, in which he accused them of having children to support them.

Amin said in a video he posted on social media and broadcast on the official page of Al-Nahar channel: “Some people try to fish in troubled waters, and some try to distort statements and show them as if I insult our people in the countryside and Upper Egypt .. Neither I nor anyone else dares to do that or insult our people in Upper Egypt and the farmers Upper Egypt is the pride of Egypt, the pride of Egypt and the honor of Egypt, including the great literary, poetic, political and cultural figures.

He stressed that the statements and videos circulating on YouTube are a brief part of its natural context, and that what is meant is his talk about population increase.

The media, Tamer Amin, said in a video that people in the Rif and Upper Egypt regions are giving birth to children, not to enroll in education, but to spend their children on their parents, criticizing the increase in population.

“Ameen” stated that “there is a large percentage in the countryside and Upper Egypt regions leaving children and boys, because the children are the ones who spend on the father and the mother.” He added that in those areas when the boy reaches the age of 6 or 7, he is thrown in a workshop to learn his character, commenting That he acquires the title “Al-Wad Bla”, pointing out that “Usta at the end of the month gives him 1,000 pounds as his father’s lap.”

He continued: «If the father is behind the daughter of hegel? Will she go to school? ” He answered, “Absolutely no,” adding that “in Upper Egypt they ship girls to Cairo to work as housemaids.”

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