Ahead of the Maldives .. Swiss magazine: Egypt is the world’s most preferred tourist destination

The Swiss magazine “travel inside”, which specializes in tourism, conducted an opinion poll on its website, to identify the best global tourist destinations. Egypt topped the ranking, outperforming 18 other destinations, including the Maldives, which came in second place, and the Caribbean Islands, which ranked third. In the ranking table.

The Swiss magazine also announced the results of this online survey on its official website, stressing that the distinct climate for North African countries in general, and Egypt in particular, in addition to the facilities provided by the Egyptian state to tourists, was the most important attraction for tourists at the present time – according to Sky News Arabia.

For its part, the media spokeswoman for the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Suha Bahjat, says that the state has a strong plan to maintain the tourism movement while ensuring the safety of tourists and workers in the tourism sector, “the priority is always to maintain the safety of everyone in light of the Corona pandemic.”

Soha Bahjat added to “Sky News Arabia”: “Since the return of receiving tourists at the beginning of last July, after an interruption of more than four months, we have been facing a great challenge, to activate an important economic sector, and with the succession of tourist groups, the impression that we seek to perpetuate in the minds of tourists has been formed.” It is that Egypt is able to preserve the safety of anyone whose feet set foot on Mahrousa.
Bahgat also explains that the strong cooperation between the ministries of “tourism” and “health” in the recent period is the most important reason for the return of life to Egyptian tourism again, “any achievement that takes place within the country, during the current global crisis, is supported by workers in the sector. Egyptian health. “

And she continued: “We did not take the decision to return tourism again except in a state of complete preparedness internally, so we have prepared all tourist places from the medical point of view before anything, so no tourist place can receive tourists except in the case of obtaining a health certificate, and all conditions are met, and we Make surprise visits to ensure that these places adhere to the precautionary measures announced by the World Health Organization and the Egyptian Ministry of Health.
In the same context, the head of the Tourism Promotion Authority, Eng. Ahmed Youssef, referred to the role of the international tournaments organized by Egypt during the current year, on top of which is the Handball World Cup, which was held last January. ‚ÄúThese international tournaments represent a direct message to the world, highlighting Egypt’s ability On preserving the safety of any visitor to its lands, as hosting the first world championship after the Corona crisis is the best publicity for tourism and investment.

It is worth noting that Egypt is preparing to host four world championships in the coming months, namely: the World Championship for Shooting Chopper in February, the World Championships for Weapons and Cycling in April, and the World Cup for Artistic Gymnastics in June, so that Egypt will have an exceptional sporting year.

Youssef also added to “Sky News Arabia”: “Besides the world championships, the recent archaeological discoveries and new museums have encouraged many tourists to go to Egypt, especially after the great work of the ministry regarding the propaganda side of these new archaeological monuments, through videos. Professional, and remote electronic meetings. “

He concluded: “Egypt has demonstrated to the whole world, during the Corona pandemic, its ability to deal with crises, and to continue the path of success, regardless of the difficulties, and we hope that we have fulfilled our message to the fullest.”

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