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Al-Hadibi: The suspicious organizations ignore the presence of 5 million refugees in Egypt enjoying services


Dr. Yasser Al-Hudhaibi, a member of the Senate, said that Egypt is following the path of development and building the Egyptian human being, according to Egypt’s 2030 strategy, indicating that this matter seems to have disturbed some external institutions, which prompted them to establish false reports with the aim of distorting Egypt’s image before the international community and obstructing the development process using the term “human rights”.

Al-Hudhaibi added that the term “human rights” is indivisible and the matter cannot be limited to freedom of opinion only, stressing that the Egyptian state has committed to implementing the concept of comprehensive human rights despite the war against terrorism, and that Egypt has witnessed great progress and triumphed over the economic and social rights of the citizen through initiatives. Launched by the President for the benefit of citizens’ health, as well as for the elimination of slums.

He pointed out that Egypt has more than 5 million refugees among the Egyptian citizens, in implementation and implementation of Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, who enjoy the services that the Egyptian citizen enjoys without discrimination, at a time when the countries of Europe and the United States have created refugee camps and dealt with them. They are not human beings, but many transgressions have been committed against them that are incompatible with the provisions of the Declaration itself.

Al-Hudhaibi stressed that the suspicious human rights institutions always ignore the giant projects that are being erected on the land of Egypt, which provided job opportunities for hundreds of workers and ordinary people with the development of social, health and economic protection programs, as they are all a basic human right, in addition to the work and workers file in Egypt It has witnessed a rise in the field of freedom of association and workers’ rights, and this was evidenced by the new Trade Union Law No. 213 of 2017, according to which work and the right to union were practiced freely and democratically, in line with the conventions of the International Labor Organization of the United Nations.