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Al-Hurriya Al-Masry: The president’s affirmation of protecting Egypt’s share of the Nile water is a strong message to the world and reassurance to the Egyptians


Ahmed Muhanna, deputy of the Manpower Committee in the House of Representatives and deputy head of the Egyptian Freedom Party, praised President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s speech on the sidelines of his visit to the Suez Canal and following up the navigational procedures for the movement of the delinquent ship, saying: “The president sent many messages to the Egyptian people that dealt with many issues. Occupy public opinion. “

Muhani added that the president’s emphasis on protecting Egypt’s share of the Nile water is a strong message to the whole world and reassurance to the Egyptian people not to infringe on Egypt’s share, which is the matter in which Egypt has pursued all means of diplomatic dialogue and adherence to international agreements and standards, stressing that Egypt’s leadership position will not prevent the creation of Any development or development in the region, provided that Egypt’s rights are not violated. Stability and security are the main pillars of the Egyptian state, which was confirmed by the President.

The party’s vice president said that the Egyptian people’s standing behind the Egyptian state and its support is the strongest message to the whole world of the people’s cohesion in the political leadership and their support for crossing crises, noting that the president’s speech and its handling of most issues related to some internal and external matters to Egypt are messages of reassurance to the Egyptian people.