Baseera: 2.9 million cases of corona in Egypt during the year 2020

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The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research conducted a telephone survey insight to identify the rates of infection with the Coronavirus among Egyptians aged 18 years and over, and the examinations conducted by those infected with the diagnosis and the symptoms that appeared on them.

The results showed that during November and December 2020, about 864,000 Egyptians aged 18 years and over were infected with the Coronavirus, and the total number of cases from the beginning of the pandemic to the end of 2020 was estimated at 2.9 million.

It is noted that these estimates depend on the respondents ’answers, meaning that they are a self-diagnosis of the disease, and not all cases depend on a clinical diagnosis.

And then the estimated number may be less than the real number as a result of the unwillingness of some of the injured to mention their injury because they feel that the injury may constitute a stigma for them or because the symptoms were simple and they did not remember its occurrence, and on the other hand, this number may be greater than the real number in case the symptoms are similar Symptoms of other diseases, including other types of influenza.

All respondents who had previously been infected with the Coronavirus since its beginning in Egypt until now were asked how to diagnose their disease, and 72% indicated that they were examined by a doctor, 61% took a blood test, 56% took a chest x-ray, and 23% took a test. Swab, 1.3% were diagnosed by other methods.

It is evident from the results that 13% of the respondents who had previously been infected took one of the aforementioned procedures to diagnose the disease, 23% took two procedures, 32% took three procedures and 15% performed four procedures while 17% did not take any procedure for diagnosis and relied on self-diagnosis. It should be noted that the percentage of those who did not undergo any diagnostic test is higher among those with university education compared to the less educated, as 21% of those with a university education or higher relied on self-diagnosis without conducting tests, compared to 15% among those with less than average education.

Respondents who conducted checks were asked about the dependency of the places in which they conducted the tests, and the results indicated that 67% resorted to places of the private sector, 24% resorted to places of the government sector, and 9% resorted to various places, including those belonging to the private sector and the government. The results indicate that about two-thirds of those with a low economic level have resorted to the private sector to diagnose their disease, and this percentage rises to 90% among those with the highest economic level, and that the percentage of those who sought refuge in the private sector rises from 73% in urban areas to 83% in the countryside.

Regarding the symptoms that appeared on the injured, it is clear from the results that 64% of them suffered from a high temperature, 56% reported a weak sense of smell and taste, 46% suffered from a severe cough, 40% suffered from pain and congestion, and 37% suffered from a breakdown of the body, And 24% experienced vomiting or diarrhea.

Those who had been previously injured were asked about a set of procedures to find out the percentage that each of them was done, and the results indicated that 94% of them took treatment while 6% did not take any treatment, 88% isolated themselves at home while 12% did not self-isolate. It is worth noting that most of those who did not isolate themselves at home were not among those admitted to hospital, and therefore it is likely that they had contact with other individuals during their illness.

In a question about the opinion of those who had previously been injured in the health sector’s handling of the Corona crisis, 24% of them indicated that it is very good, 20% see it as good, 14% see it as bad and 26% see it as very bad, 16 who could not evaluate it.

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