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Biden is angry at the acquittal of an American who killed two men during a demonstration

US President Joe Biden expressed his outrage at what was said yesterday, at a court ruling that acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse, famous for crying excessively during the trial, of the accusations of premeditated murder attributed to him, justifying its verdict that he was in self-defense when he shot an anti-demonstration. For racial discrimination, he killed two people and wounded a third on August 25 last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin, near the North American border with Canada.

President Biden urged Americans to “peacefully express their views,” saying, according to the agencies, “While the outcome of this trial generates anger and anxiety for many Americans, including myself, we must admit that the jury has had its say,” referring to the trial. Which sparked a wide political division, and during its last sessions on Friday, the defense attorney for the accused said that his client feared for his life, while prosecutors said that he “goed out that night looking for trouble” and shot Joseph Rosenbaum (36 years) and Anthony Hopper (26). Two deaths, so he was charged with 5 charges, including premeditated murder, the penalty of which is death.

A jury of 7 women and 5 men was responsible in the trial for deciding his fate in this case after consultations that lasted more than 3 days between them, and during the verdict Kyle Rittenhouse broke down in tears, according to what appears in a video presented by “Al” below, In it, we see him collapse almost unconsciously while hearing the phrase “not guilty” read 5 times, that is, an innocence of every accusation leveled against Rittenhouse, who came last year to the city of “Kenosha” specifically, and two days before those events, with a semi-automatic firearm he said he was He carries it to protect his home from disturbances, which jurors watched a video of what happened, before and after each time he shot.

In his closing arguments, Rittenhouse’s lawyer said his 18-year-old client “was trying to help those around him and reacted to those trying to attack him”. However, prosecutors questioned the reason why the accused violated the curfew in a city where he was not a resident and “pretend to protect” people and property about which he knows nothing.

Kylie’s innocence has fueled controversy over gun rights in the United States, where he is seen as a hero, who say he tried to keep the peace during violent protests. But on the other hand, there were those who were horrified to see that heavy-armed teenager in the midst of these turmoil, so a group of cars crowded in front of the court yesterday and their drivers began to sound their horns intensely amid chants of “Release Kyle” and another “We like the second item” in a sign To a legal text that allows Americans to own and bear arms.

“He just wanted to save his life.”

As the parents of the two dead men said: “This ruling sends an unacceptable message that armed civilians can appear in any city and provoke violence and then use the danger they created to justify shooting people in the street.” However, his lawyer responded and said that his client “was hoping that none of that would happen, and that he only wanted to save his life,” which is what happened when the court pronounced the verdict of innocence on him from the killing we see him doing, and we see him after the second minute of the video shown.

Politicians’ reactions to the court’s decision came to reflect divisions among themselves over this judge. Democrat Mandela Barnes, the deputy governor of Wisconsin, denounced the acquittal and said: “Over the past few weeks, many have been afraid of what we have just seen (…) the hypothesis of the accused is innocent until proven. “His conviction is what we should have expected from our judicial system, but that standard is not always equally applied. We’ve seen many black people killed. And yet they are brought to court after their death while the judge ultimately claims Kyle’s acquittal.”

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio went further, describing the ruling in a tweet as “disgusting”. But Republicans, including Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, welcomed the court’s decision, and agencies quoted him as saying that “justice has been served, and I hope everyone accepts the sentence, and everyone remains peaceful, and let the Kenosha community heal its wounds and rebuild itself,” as he put it.