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Caviar launches a gold version of the PlayStation 5

Caviar has launched the Prime Gold Edition of the Sony PlayStation 5 game console, which is adorned with 18 karat gold.

Caviar has launched the Prime Gold Edition of the Sony PlayStation 5 game console, which is adorned with 18 karat gold with the Next Gen console, for a price of 307 thousand and 200 euros.

PlayStation 5 by Caviar

And the Russian company announced that the sides of the gaming device come with a very exquisite decorative pattern with some other golden details such as the stand and the caviar company logo.

The production of the new Prime Gold Edition of the Sony PlayStation 5 gaming device is limited to only 5 copies.

The Sony PlayStation 5 Gold game console comes in solid 18 karat yellow gold with decorative patterns, and the DualSense controller is covered with caviar, with a layer of genuine crocodile skin, the case is made of gold, the base is a stand of natural ebony, The analog sticks are made of gold.

Pure gold product group

On the eighth of this October, the Russian company, Caviar, revealed a new set of luxury smart products, which are made of pure gold or gold-plated, and include the latest versions of the leading devices for 2021, including the Sony PlayStation 5, iPad mini and AirPods Max and iPhone 13 Pro from Apple.

The Russian company called its new collection “Prime”, and it is available in either “golden” or “gold-plated” versions, with a fundamental difference between the two being the amount of gold used and its prices, according to the “gsmarena” technical website.

The Caviar Apple AirPods Max Gold wireless headphones are also decorated with a layer of pure 18-karat gold, in addition to a layer of genuine crocodile leather for the ear pads, and only 9 units of this version will be manufactured for a price of 68,000 dollars (equivalent to 106,000 Egyptian pounds). ,.

While the gold-plated version costs only $5910 (equivalent to 92,000 Egyptian pounds), 99 units will be manufactured.

Caviar designed the Apple iPad mini tablet, in solid 18-karat yellow gold, and the device also contains four diamonds the size of 4 millimeters.

Only 6 units were manufactured, with a starting price of $ 84,920 (equivalent to 133,000 Egyptian pounds), while the gold-plated version costs $ 6,600 (equivalent to 103 Egyptian pounds) for the 256 GB version, but it still offers the four diamonds, and comes in 99 units.