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Czech report: Egypt is one of the best tourist destinations for our citizens despite the Corona pandemic


Egypt is among the best tourist destinations, according to a report published on the official page of the Czech Radio Station on the desire of Czech citizens to travel to spend the summer vacation outside the country despite the emerging Corona virus pandemic, as Czech travel agencies have received thousands of reservations so far to warm tourist destinations, including Egypt.

The report also indicated that Egypt ranks first among the favorite tourist destinations for Czech tourists, due to its warm climate, sunny beaches, picturesque nature and ancient civilization.

It is worth noting that CNN Travel had chosen Egypt from the 21 best safe tourist destinations for travel in 2021, and Egypt was ranked first in the world among the most sought-after tourist destinations during the current period, according to an opinion survey conducted by the Swiss travel magazine specialized in tourism. .

It was also chosen by the British Telegraph newspaper as the best tourist destination that can be traveled to after the closure of the UK policy was lifted. As for the “Trip Advisor” website, the city of Alexandria was chosen as one of the best popular tourist destinations in the world for the year 2021, and he had also chosen the cities of Cairo and Hurghada from Top tourist destinations for 2020.