Deputy in the “sheikhs”: Human Rights Watch’s statement on Egypt: a “new failure” and is irrelevant

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Representative Muhammad Al-Rashidi, a member of the Senate and a leader in the Republican People’s Party, condemned the statement issued by the “Human Rights Watch” organization in which it criticized the Egyptian army in the context of its campaign against ISIS terrorist elements, considering that this tendentious statement is a “new fall” for the organization that has been To issue statements with the aim of adopting specific political positions that are not related to human rights work, and the organization had to clearly separate the fight against terrorism from its continuous attempts to politicize human rights issues.

Al-Rashidi added in a statement today that the campaign launched by the Egyptian army against ISIS members in Sinai comes in defense of the most important human right that terrorist organizations abuse, which is the right to life, explaining that the Egyptian army has not evacuated some areas on land. Sinai, but support the people of Sinai against terrorism, which now threatens not only Egypt, but the entire world.

The senator expressed his surprise at the neglect of the report of this organization whose credibility is doubtful, and the issue of development that the state undertakes and is keenly keen on in Sinai, because of the political leadership’s belief in the strategic importance of Sinai, and our gratitude for the continuous sacrifices of its people, which had a good return among the sheikhs. And the sake of the different tribes, who supported the political leadership in all development processes.

The deputy stated that the development processes in Sinai have only been witnessed during the era of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, and that the aim of them is to improve the living conditions of citizens on it, to exploit all available resources, and to place Sinai in the ranks of areas that attract investment, which will be reflected in the elimination of terrorism and ideological extremism as an inevitable result of construction and reconstruction. Among them are Ā«agricultural reclamation and fish farming, social housing, construction of the tunnels of the Suez Canal, and tourism development. All state agencies participate in the development process under the supervision of the Egyptian armed forces.

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