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Despite Corona and the recession … a “man’s stand” revives cinemas in Egypt


The film “A Man’s Stand” directed by Ahmed El-Gendy, starring Bayoumi Fouad, Majid Al-Kadwani, Sayed Ragab, Sherif Desouki, Mohamed Salam and Amina Khalil, who is participating in a special appearance, in addition to the guests of honor, Sawsan Badr, Safa Al-Toukhi and Eman Al-Sayed, which is produced by Synergy Films, Egyptian International Films and New Century Magic Beans.

The events of the film in the framework of “Light Comedy” revolve around 4 friends since their studies who meet after their life passed by to stand next to one of them after the death of his wife, until they decided to travel to a coastal city to relieve the life pressures they are going through, as each one of them suffers from a specific problem, During this journey, they discover that the world has changed from what it was during their youth.

An adventure in a difficult time

The movie “A Man’s Pause” is a great adventure for many reasons (technical and non-technical), foremost of which is social distancing due to the Corona pandemic, and the stagnation of the cinema movement in various countries of the world, in addition to the fear of any producer from taking such an artistic adventure.

However, the paper written with great craftsmanship and the text was placed in a comic format suitable for all members of the Egyptian and Arab family, what turned the film from a risky adventure into a calculated adventure, as the movie “Man’s Stand” was able to combine the two things, attract the audience and provide content that respects the minds of viewers without underestimating With their minds.

Art critics assert that the movie “A Man’s Stand” has proven that cinema is not the preserve of young men, singing stars, or beautiful girls, and that the content and content of the film will remain the basis for the success of any film, regardless of the change of times, and whatever the circumstances surrounding society differ, and that what “Waqfah” has achieved Men “is a great opportunity to give big stars their right to get the title role, which was denied to former artists who left our world, such as the able artist Hassan Hosni and Ahmed Ratib.

Here, art critic Mohamed Al-Qadi says to “Sky News Arabia”, that the movie “A Man’s Stand” was able to break the barrier of boredom among the audience due to the lack of comedies in recent times.

The judge added that he also credits the filmmakers with “the high boldness in the idea, choosing its heroes first, and at the timing of the film’s release in light of the audience’s fears of the second Corona epidemic.”

He continued: “However, the film imposed itself on the box office and the public together, in order to achieve a different success in a time when it is difficult to achieve any success, whether on the technical or financial level, in all cinemas in the world now.”

It also cannot be ignored that the movie “Man’s Stand” is close to the famous foreign film “The Last Vegas”, starring: Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline, which was produced in 2013.

The events of the recent film “Vegas” revolve around 4 friends since childhood who gather after a while to attend the wedding of one of them in Las Vegas, to be surrounded by a set of situations and events in a purely comic framework.