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Do not rush to take a third dose of Corona if you are in this category

While some countries have made available the revitalized (booster) dose of the vaccine against the Corona virus for certain groups that have been scientifically proven to need it, such as those with chronic kidney failure or those who have organ transplants, health experts revealed that people who were infected with Covid 19 and were vaccinated, do not need To rush to obtain the additional doses that are now being launched in America and other countries.

Scientists specializing in vaccines and immunology confirm that people who have been infected with the virus and have been fully vaccinated have strong protection, including against mutants, and may not need a booster dose, according to a study published in the Wall Street Journal.

Studies also confirm that exposure to the Corona virus effectively serves as a dose of the vaccine, and the true infection prompts the immune system to produce antibodies and cells that can fight the virus in the future.

No booster dose needed

For his part, Dr. Paul Offit, a member of the US Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccine Advisory Committee, said that people who were infected and vaccinated “won the game”, adding, “I wouldn’t ask them to get a booster… I think they just got it” through Exposure to the Corona virus.

Last week, researchers affiliated with the ZOE Covid Study app, which is intended for people in the UK to self-report symptoms and test results, said infection with corona followed by two doses of the Pfizer vaccine provides 94% protection up to 6 months after vaccination, compared to 80% protection. From vaccination alone or 65% of infection only.


But the scientists stressed that the strong protection provided by a combination of infection and vaccination does not mean that people may eventually not need a booster dose, noting that some people with weak immune systems or special medical conditions may need it.

In turn, Peter Hotez, dean of the National College of Medicine at Baylor University, explained that there is another factor that must be taken into account for those who have had corona and take the vaccination before receiving a booster dose, which is whether the additional dose can increase the likelihood of developing myocarditis, which is a rare infection. But it is more common in younger men after the second dose.

You are the last group!

Dr. Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at Yale University, said that people who have been vaccinated and infected are “likely to be the last group that really needs a booster because they were exposed three times.”

It is noteworthy that the research is preliminary and the data is incomplete, while scientists say, that the current information is more available about people who were infected with Covid-19 and then vaccinated, than those who were vaccinated and did not become infected.