“Doctor Abucht” reveals the scenes of the “Battle of Al-Sattour” between two dams in Egypt

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mahlawi, Director of the Abbucht Central Hospital, revealed the scenes of the battle of Al-Dartin, the health damage caused to the victim, and special details of her condition after a long-hour surgery to remove the cleaver from her head.

In exclusive statements to Sky News Arabia, Al-Mahlawi said, “The hospital reception department received Sunday at eight in the evening, the case of a woman who was informed of the hospital that she was a dead body, and she arrived fighting death as a result of being struck by a sharp object, a” machete “who was inside the head from the middle of the front. In addition to a blow to her hand with the same machine that led to the amputation of two fingers, fractures of the skull, and multiple bruises on the body. The bleeding was very severe, and there was almost no pulse or breath. “

He added: “The doctors of the reception department did not give up and tried in every way to resuscitate the situation with the so-called cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which is the last attempt through which the doctor knows whether the pulse returns to the heart or the person dies, by God’s dispersal and within minutes the pulse returned and after that they were entered into the major operating room, but the capabilities The hospital did not allow an operation to remove the cleaver from her head, and we started looking for a place with an operating room, especially when we tried to remove the cleaver from her head, she started bleeding. “

He added: “After intensive contacts with the Health Directorate, we succeeded in providing a place for her in Sohag University Hospital, and the case was transferred to it, and she underwent the operation that took 7 hours, and the cleaver was removed from the head and the case is now under observation in intensive care and was placed on a ventilator.”

Al-Mahlawi praised the reception doctor who made a great effort to save the patient’s life, noting that the shape of the cleaver in her head and the absence of a pulse could have caused another person to surrender and announce the death of the case.

The director of Abbucht Central Hospital said that the investigations’ investigations confirmed that a dispute arose between the patient who was received by the hospital and her injury, which led to a battle between them, and the other female victim hit her co-wife with severe blows to the head, hand, and separate areas of the body.

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