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eFootball was criticized after Messi and Ronaldo appeared strangely

Konami launched the new version of the eFootball game that replaced PES, today, Thursday, on all platforms, but some catastrophic flaws appeared, especially with regard to the form of players that were criticized a lot on social networking sites.

And the British newspaper, “Mirror”, said that it was soon noticed that after downloading the new version of the game, some strange graphics appeared, for users to share in comic clips and videos on social networking sites.

Konami confirmed in July that eFootball will be a free game across all platforms and will have constant updates, rather than releasing a new game annually.

eFootball 2022 from Konami is now available on PlayStation 5 and 4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox 1, Windows 10, and PC Steam, with iOS and Android to follow shortly.

However, the graphics came under heavy criticism, with users sharing screenshots of players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Raphael Varane and others who look very strange in the game.

The graphics generally look very good in the game, but there are certain situations within the game where players don’t look right, even with running, ball control and movement.

But Konami has promised to continue developing the game after the release of the first version of eFootball, so a number of updates are expected in the coming weeks.

One user said via Twitter: “Some great improvements over the years for EFOOTBALL. Keep disappointing us like this.”

Another commented on Mbappe’s picture in the new version of the game, saying: “Kylian Mbappe looks about 50 years old!”, while a third said: “I have some points of my own. Being a regular PES player since 2009, I have never been disappointed with the graphics quality of the PS4 version. This is a multi-genre, cross-platform game, it’s simply too weird.”

In another comment: “Thank you for destroying my favorite game. This is a video of Ansu Fati running like Naruto (a famous cartoon character).”