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Egypt .. A large number of leaders were overthrown in the most famous political party “due to a conspiracy”


Egypt .. The overthrow of a large number of leaders in the most famous political party


The head of the Egyptian Wafd Party, Bahaa El-Din Abu Shaqqa, revealed the details of the dismissal of 10 senior leaders from the party, explaining that there had been a “conspiracy that was happening” for a long time.

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According to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan, Abu Shaqtah pointed out that “the conspiracy has been going on for a long time and many times I tried to provide an opportunity for the conspirators to go back to rightness, but without solutions.”

Abu Shaqtah continued, “The plot, which was revealed during an urgent press conference this afternoon, at the party’s headquarters, manifested itself during the election period, in an attempt to remove the delegation from the political arena to demand a boycott of the elections, which is a conspiracy not only for the party, but the state itself whose goal is not to The electoral process will take place, and the party will be cut off to embarrass the state. “

He explained that “he endured a lot in order to spoil this plot, but he also realized from the first moment the aim of the conspiracy, as it aimed from the first moment to cause chaos led by the Wafd Party, and the evidence for this is the portrayal of some party members such as Muhammad Magdi Farhat, known as (Rabbit), excerpts from The chaos for hostile channels in order to export a scene to those channels, that they filmed them and sent them to these anti-Egyptian channels, in order to export the scenes abroad. “

Abu Shaqqa said during the conference that “based on the Wafd party’s regulations and what it imposes on the party’s leader to protect the party and defend its interests, it was decided to dismiss Deputy Muhammad Abdel-Alim Dawud, former head of the party’s parliamentary body, in addition to Dr. Yasser Al-Hudhaibi, a member of the Supreme Commission, and Tariq Sibaq, a member. The Supreme Commission, Muhammad Abdo, a member of the Supreme Commission, Nabil Abdullah a member of the Supreme Commission, Hamdan al-Khalili, a member of the Supreme Commission, Hatem Raslan, a member of the Supreme Commission, Muhammad Helmy Sweilam, a member of the Supreme Commission, and Tariq Race, an assistant to the party’s president, and Muhammad Magdy Farhat, a member of the Supreme Commission of the party known as (Rabbit) ) Final dismissal from the party and the ban on entry. “

This is in addition to referring a “rabbit” to the Public Prosecution Office to investigate some of the accusations against him, according to the party leader.

Source: “Al Watan”