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Egypt announces the conditions for the restoration of relations with Turkey


In light of Turkish courtship to restore relations with Cairo, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry confirmed, on Sunday, that the negative attitudes of Turkish politicians do not reflect the relationship between the Egyptian and Turkish peoples.

Shukry clarified that if Egypt finds a change in Turkish policy, non-interference in internal affairs, and the adoption of regional policies in line with the Egyptian policy, then this may be a platform and a starting point for normal relations.

He also considered that “the words issued by politicians in Ankara regarding opening dialogue channels with Cairo are not sufficient. Rather, they must be accompanied by actions.”

In addition, he stressed that his country’s foreign policy is balanced, and not in confrontation with any party, indicating that there are special difficulties in light of developments and the state of polarization on the international arena.

On the Palestinian issue, he said, “There are great efforts being made to complete the peace process with international partners and participants in the path of achieving peace to the extent that it contributes to building confidence and confidence. We are working in favor of peace and stability so that the region can fully enjoy peace dividends.”

“The Gulf is a pillar of Egyptian national security.”

He also pointed out that “the relations between Egypt and the Arab brothers are witnessing great distinction to achieve Egyptian and Arab national security, and the Gulf region is a pillar of Egyptian national security, and they are based on solid foundations and rules based on a common history, a common future, a common culture, integration and cooperation and providing opportunities for progress and prosperity for all our peoples. .

A binding agreement for the Renaissance Dam

With regard to the Renaissance Dam file, the Egyptian minister stressed that Cairo continues to work on a binding agreement that preserves Egypt’s water rights, pointing out that Ethiopia has not yet shown a real political will for the agreement.

He explained that his country is looking forward to an agreement and cooperation between the three countries concerned with the dam, which would spare Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia tensions in relations and achieve cooperation, development and partnership.