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Egypt .. Exciting details about the story of the “KS Diaries” tag, which was issued by “Twitter” to expose a traitor


Egypt .. Interesting details about the story of the marking


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Twitter pioneers traded the tag “Diary KS” to expose a doctor in Mansoura who betrayed his wife, who according to accounts deceives many in the name of love, which led them to expose him through social media.

It is noteworthy that the hashtag “Diary KSM” is related to a girl named Rahaf Taj al-Din, a beauty expert, who was deceived by the Mansoura doctor who hid his first marriage and tied his knot to another, while he proposed to her officially at the same time.

Rahaf decided to share her story through her personal accounts, warning the girls against trafficking in their feelings, expressing her shock at what she had been exposed to, and writing at the end of the post “# Diary_kh_m” an abbreviation of the first two letters of the name of the intended doctor.

A large number of social media users interacted with the hashtag “# Diary_kh_m”, and became the most popular in a few hours, to support and support the girl and expose the doctor and spread his story on a large scale.

The media, Radwa El-Sherbiny, tweeted on her Twitter account, explaining to her audience his story: “Professor Al-Bahj is a married woman and once pregnant and wrote his book on one another and addressed the next one and the fourth companion.

And she continued in another tweet: “You will get tough.”

Source: Egyptian media