Egypt is prosecuting the former prime minister and Morsi’s rival for the presidency

Egypt prosecutes the former prime minister and Morsi's rival for the presidency


The North Cairo Criminal Court in Egypt decided to seize the trial of Ahmed Shafiq, the former prime minister, and 2 others, on accusations of wasting public money.

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Egypt ... a former military official responds to the statements of a Saudi minister regarding the presidential elections between Morsi and Shafiq

The court decided to pronounce the verdict in the case known in the media as “Egypt Services Association – Al-Osra Garden”, for a hearing next April 7.

It is worth noting that the Public Prosecution appealed the ruling before the Court of Cassation, which decided to accept the appeal formally, and in the matter, to return the case to the Court of Appeal to determine a new circuit to consider the trial.

It is noteworthy that Lieutenant General Ahmed Mohamed Shafiq Zaki, whose fame is Ahmed Shafiq, is the Prime Minister of Egypt from January 29, 2011 to March 3, 2011, and before the Presidency of the Council of Ministers he was Minister of Civil Aviation and that since 2002, and after that he ran as an independent in the Egyptian presidential elections 2012 and was a competitor to the Egyptian President The late Mohamed Morsi is in the run-off.

Source: Al-Masry Al-Youm

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