Egypt .. Life imprisonment against Mahmoud Ezzat, Acting Guide of the “Brotherhood”

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On Thursday, an Egyptian court sentenced Mahmoud Ezzat, the acting general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, to life imprisonment (25 years).

According to the state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper, “The Second Circuit issued terrorism (south of Cairo), which sentenced Mahmoud Ezzat, the acting mentor of the Brotherhood, to life imprisonment (25 years) in the case known in the media about the events of the Guidance Bureau.

The same newspaper stated that, “The Cairo Criminal Court ruled in 2015, to execute 4 defendants and to imprison 14 others in the same case, most notably Muhammad Badi ‘, the Brotherhood’s general guide, and his deputy, Khairat Al-Shater (imprisoned pending cases).”

The Egyptian prosecution charged the defendants with several charges at the time, which they declared, “incitement to murder, supplying unidentified persons with firearms and ammunition, and planning to commit the crime,” according to the same source.

According to Egyptian law, the judgment is preliminary and subject to appeal before the Court of Cassation (the highest appeals court in the country), within 60 days of the issuance of the reasons (causes) of the judgment.

On June 30, 2013, clashes took place in front of the Guidance Bureau (the headquarters of the group’s highest executive body), in the suburb of Mokattam, southeast of Cairo, between supporters and opponents of the group, killing 9 people and wounding 91 others.

And after the overthrow of the former president, Mohamed Morsi, who belonged to the group, in the summer of 2013, the Egyptian authorities pursued leaders and cadres of the group on terrorism-related charges, amid denial of the group as “persecution of it,” and a lie from Cairo and its assertion that it adheres to the law.

In August 2020, the Egyptian authorities arrested Mahmoud Ezzat in a residential apartment in eastern Cairo, after years of disappearance and persecution, before the Brotherhood announced the nomination of Ibrahim Munir to occupy his organizational position.

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