Egypt news … a significant drop in temperatures tomorrow and rain extends to Greater Cairo

The seventh day published during the hours a number of important news and reports, including the approval of the committeeLegislative Board Representatives to postpone the implementation of the Real Estate Registration Law for30 June 2023In addition to the warning of the meteorological authority from A significant drop in temperatures tomorrow and rain extends to Greater Cairo.

The following is a summary of the most important news


Legislative Representatives agree to postpone the implementation of the Real Estate Registration Law for

30 June 2023

The Legislative Committee of the House of Representatives unanimously agreed during its meeting today, Tuesday, headed by Counselor Ibrahim Al-Hunaidi, and in the presence of Counselor Alaa Fouad, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, to postpone the implementation of the real estate registration law until 30 From June 2023.

the government

: President El-Sisi directed to extend the arms of development in all sectors of North and South Sinai

Within the framework of the government’s keenness to follow up the implementation of development and service projects in The various sectors on the land of Sinai, reviewed by Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, President Cabinet, a report from Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, On the executive position of a number of projects implemented by the ministry in the two North governorates And South Sinai.

the government

: Prepaid electricity meters feature LEDs that indicate that the balance is about to run out

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers revealed that, in light of the news regarding the sudden disconnection of electricity from the consumer with pre-paid meters without prior notice, the center contacted the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, which denied the news.

The first pictures of the Egyptian child

RayanAfter the success of his injection with the most expensive medicine in the world, b34 one million pound

Najia Ali Fahmy, Professor of Neurology and Director of the Muscle and Neurology Unit at Ain Shams Medicine, announced the success of an operation that received the first Egyptian child with SPD, the most expensive medicine in the world called Zolgenisma zolgensma“.


One thousand students taking the second secondary philosophy and biology exam electronically.. the students: The exam platform worked efficiently and the answers to the questions took minutes.. And the3 Security levels in the high school exams platform for the exam arrival

Enables more than 560 One thousand male and female students in the second year of secondary school who took the exams in the first semester in the subjects of biology, philosophy and logic on the electronic examination platform, where the students confirmed that they had completed answering the questions in minutes as the biology exam included 21 All questions are multiple choice.

Minister of Health

: Vaccinate 13 Million and606 Thousands of children of them 11 A thousand foreigners reside in Egypt

Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, announced a vaccination 13 Million and606 Thousands and696 Child by 81.4% including 11 A thousand and536 Of the non-Egyptian children residing on the land of Egypt, during the first and second days of the national free polio vaccination campaign, which started on Sunday 28 February and lasts until Wednesday 3 March 2021, And are targeting 16.7 Million children from the age of a day to 5 Years in all governorates of the republic.

A positive historical rise in foreign investments in Egyptian bonds after a decline due to Corona

.. Bloomberg: The volume of foreign holdings of treasury bills and bonds amounted to 28.5 Billion dollar.. Financial: New debt instruments lower borrowing costs

Foreign investment in the Egyptian debt recorded a historical increase, according to what Bloomberg reported, to represent a reversal of the outflows in the year 2020Which is caused by the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

First term exam scores map

.. Result of transport classes complementary to the second semester.. No failure in the standardized exam.. And determine the student’s result after the end of the months tests.. Resources: There are no yearly business evaluations for the upcoming period

The students of the transportation classes started from the fourth grade of elementary school until the second second preparatory semester exams of the first semester, and responsible sources said that the students ’combined first term exam has no success or failure and the student’s result is determined after the month’s exams during March, April and next May, which are an alternative to the second semester exams..

The Sudanese army is close to controlling the last Ethiopian militia strongholds within its territory

Sudanese military sources told Al-Arabiya news channel that the Sudanese army is close to controlling the last strongholds of the Ethiopian militia inside Sudan, noting that the Sudanese forces are approaching the Brecht area, which includes Ethiopian armed groups..

High casualties in America and Europe

Does not stop“.. Global health raises the sloganVaccines alone are not enoughTo prevent corona.. And confirm: The pandemic will not end in 2021. And distribute 237 A million doses for142 An entity participating in Kovacs until May

During the past few days, a number of countries have witnessed an increase in cases of Coronavirus, and according to the World Health Organization of the United Nations, it is the first time in seven weeks, which raised the concern of the United Nations and urged all governments and individuals to remember that Vaccines alone will not suffice to maintain health and safety“.

Astronomy Institute

: The beginning of the month of Sha`ban 14 March.. I promised him 30 Days

Astronomical calculations made by the scientists of the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research revealed that the beginning of the month of Sha`ban for the current Hijri year (1442) You will agree on Sunday 14 Current March, I promised it would be 30 Days.

A significant drop in temperatures tomorrow and rain extends to Greater and Lesser Cairo

10 Degrees

The Meteorological Authority expects that on Wednesday the weather will witness a marked decrease in temperatures, and cooler weather prevails over Cairo and Lower Egypt, with moderate winds, and cooler weather on the northern coasts, and the winds are active, warm in South Sinai, and the winds are moderate and brisk..

CAF chooses Mahmoud El Banna as a referee for the match between Congo and Senegal in the African Nations Qualifiers

The referees committee of the Confederation of African Football decided AdequateThe appointment of international referee Mahmoud El-Banna to manage the Congo-Senegal match scheduled for today 26 March in the qualifying rounds for the African Nations Cup 2022.

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