Egypt News .. Evaluating transport students with 3 monthly exams in the second grade, and no tests at the end of the year

The seventh day has published during the past hours a number of important news and reports, including the evaluation of transfer students through 3 monthly exams in the second term and no tests at the end of the year, and the government’s confirmation of resuming studies in the second semester and the postponed examinations on the current 27th, and the renewal of the appointment of Dr. Shawky Allam as Mufti of the Republic Until the age of pension, and the referral of the Giza serial killer to the mufti for the second time .. And other news.

The following is a summary of Egypt’s news.

Government: Resumption of studies in the second semester and the ongoing 27 postponed examinations

The Government Media Center revealed that, in light of the reports regarding the postponement of the resumption of studies and examinations in all universities and institutes nationwide, the center contacted the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which denied the news.

Evaluating transport students with “3 monthly exams” in the second term, and no tests at the end of the year

Transfer students are evaluated in the second semester through 3 monthly examinations that are held in March, April and May. As for middle school students, they will have exams next June. For high school students, they will have electronic exams that are scheduled to start in July.

Republican decision to renew the appointment of Dr. Shawky Allam as Mufti of the Republic until the age of pension

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi issued Republican Decree No. 62 of 2021 to renew the appointment of Dr. Shawqi Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam as the Mufti of the Arab Republic of Egypt until August 12, 2021, the date of reaching the legal age set for leaving the service.

The iconic tower in the Administrative Capital reaches the 60th floor .. Video and photos

The government announced that 60 floors have been implemented in the iconic tower, which is the highest tower in Africa with a height of about 400 meters, in the central business district, in the New Administrative Capital, which includes 20 towers with various uses, and the investments of this project are estimated at 3 billion dollars, and it is implemented in cooperation between New Urban Communities Authority, Inc.cscecIt is one of the largest contracting companies in the world.

The Giza serial killer was referred to the Mufti for the second time, on charges of killing his friend and pronouncing the verdict, March 24

The Cairo Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Imad Attia, decided to refer the papers of the accused Gaddafi Farraj, known as “The Butcher of Giza”, to the Mufti of the Republic, to express the legal opinion on his execution on the charge of deliberately killing his friend, Engineer Reda Abdel-Latif, with premeditation, and setting the March 24 session to pronounce the verdict .

“A Decent Life” is a historic initiative … a national project that changes the shape of the Egyptian countryside and improves the level of services in the villages most in need … and MPs praise: a true translation of the political leadership’s interest in the issue of welfare, social protection and the simple

The “Decent Life” initiative aims to improve the level of services provided to citizens in villages and in the Egyptian countryside, and to provide a life worthy of the Egyptian citizen, as it primarily targets simple citizens and those who are unable to do so. In this context, Deputy Muhammad al-Husseini, Deputy of the Local Administration Committee in Parliament, The “Decent Life” initiative is one within a package of presidential initiatives targeting the poorest regions and the most needy groups, to provide a life worthy of the Egyptian citizen with the participation of all state institutions and agencies in coordination with civil society institutions by uniting efforts and joint coordination. Indeed, the initiative has succeeded during the last period in transforming many From villages to better condition.

Offering vegetable and fruit products at consumer complex outlets with 20% discounts

A government report revealed that consumer complex companies are currently pumping large quantities of food commodities, vegetables, fruits and meat, with discounts varying between 15% to 20%, and that vegetable outlets in consumer complexes have all the citizens’ needs of vegetables and fruits with appropriate discounts, and that tomatoes are sold at consumer complexes At 3 pounds per kilo, potatoes at the same price, bell pepper for 6.50, guava 8.50 per kilo, and that frozen Brazilian meat is sold in complexes for 65 pounds per kilo, as well as frozen ground meat, at 85 pounds for fresh Sudanese, and frozen poultry at 30 pounds per kilo.

Donald Trump in the Wind … the complete story of the ex-US president’s tax records revealed

It seems that former US President Donald Trump is on a date with more battles even after he left the White House and lost the US election marathon in 2020, after he survived the impeachment trial before the Senate, he clashed with the US Supreme Court decision on Monday, which requires the disclosure of the secrecy of his tax records. But what does that step mean and what is the full story of that legal battle?

The Met warns of torrents and the practice of marine activities in those areas

Dr. Iman Shaker, Undersecretary of the Remote Sensing Center at the General Authority of Meteorology, expected the stability of weather conditions in all parts of the Republic, with the exception of moderate rains falling in North and Central Sinai and the Gulf of Suez with the formation of torrents, in the high areas.

The Turkish lira reaches its lowest level in 3 weeks

The Turkish lira reached its lowest level against the dollar in nearly three weeks on Wednesday, to remain under pressure after the government defended the policies of the former finance minister.

Global Health warns that a person dies every 6 seconds due to smoking

The World Health Organization said in a periodic publication that every 6 seconds nearly a person dies somewhere in the world due to smoking, and it called for them to quit smoking immediately.

Exciting confrontations in the stadiums of the world today .. Real Madrid as a guest to Atalanta .. Manchester City face Monchengladbach in the European Champions League .. Barcelona is looking to return to the victories in La Liga .. and a strong confrontation between Al Hilal and Mazembe with the African champions

Today, Wednesday, many strong confrontations will take place in various tournaments, whether continental or local, in the stadiums of the world, perhaps the most prominent of which are the matches of Real Madrid and Atalanta of Italy, and Manchester City with Borussia Monchengladbach in the first leg of the European Champions League final this season 2020-2021, while Barcelona meets with Elche in the Spanish League.

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