Egypt plans to ensure a better educational service for its citizens

Dr. Yasser Al-Hudhaibi, a member of the Senate, stressed that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s directives to grant parents the right to go to school or distance education for their children is a wise decision, and gives parents an opportunity to educate their children in an atmosphere of calm away from anxiety and psychological pressure that was previously , Adding that Egypt plans to ensure a better educational service for its citizens, and that quality education is a human right.

Al-Hudhaibi added, in statements to him today, Monday, that President Al-Sisi has worked to develop the pillars of basic and university education over the past 6 years, and the educational system has developed in an unprecedented way and is still under development and modernization, to serve as a shining light towards development and progress, wondering : “Where are the associations and human rights organizations from the role of the political leadership in developing the education system in Egypt, which is in continuous progress, considering that education is a human right in the life of a citizen.”

The professor of Constitutional Law and Human Rights pointed out that the Egyptian Constitution and the universal charters for human rights stipulated the right of the citizen to education, receive health care and provide him with a decent life, which is what is happening on the ground, where the political leadership has paid great attention to the advancement of the educational system, as part of the state’s plan to achieve The march of development at all levels, stressing that Egypt spares no effort in promoting rights and freedoms.

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