Egypt receives a second shipment of the Chinese “Sinopharm” vaccine

Cairo: Reuters
On Tuesday, Egypt received 300,000 doses of the Coronavirus vaccine developed by the Chinese company Sinopharm, according to the Ministry of Health in a statement. This is the second batch Egypt received from Sinopharm, after the first shipment, which included 50,000 doses, in December. Egypt also received 50,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine in early February as part of its program to vaccinate health workers. Egypt began vaccinating medical staff with the Chinese vaccine on January 24. Mustafa Ghanima, an official at the Ministry of Health, said in a press statement that Egypt will start an online registration process next week for other groups eligible to receive the vaccine, such as the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases. Ghanima said at Cairo airport upon the arrival of the Sinopharm shipment, that Egypt will start vaccinating these groups upon the arrival of more vaccines. As of Monday, Egypt had recorded 178,774 confirmed cases of the virus, including 10404 deaths since the outbreak began in the country about ten months ago. But health officials say the numbers are much higher than that due to the relatively low rates of examination, and the exclusion of test results in private laboratories.

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