Egypt .. Referral of “Vermont” suspects to felonies for another crime

Today, Monday, the Egyptian Public Prosecution ordered the referral of the defendants Sherif El-Koumi, Youssef Qarra and Amir Zayed to the specialized criminal court, in order to punish them for having committed the crime of “sexual intercourse with a female without her consent” in a tourist village on the northern coast during 2015.

The Public Prosecution Office had brought evidence against the defendants, which is the testimony of the victim and six other witnesses, and the evidence of seeing a video recording of part of the incident in which two of the defendants sexually assaulted the victim.

The registration examination report issued by the General Administration for Investigating Forensic Evidence at the Ministry of Interior proved that the biometric measurements of the victim and the accused person imprisoned match their measurements in their photos taken on the ground.

This recording was attached to the report submitted to the Public Prosecution on the incident of the assault on a girl in the “Fairmont Nile City” hotel, and it conducted its investigations into the two incidents.

The Public Prosecution had copied a copy of the papers of the case of assaulting a girl in the “Fairmont” Hotel, which investigations are still ongoing in light of what is received by the Public Prosecution through the e-mail designated for that case.

The copied photo was devoted to the incident, which it referred today to the Criminal Court, and took into account during the copying and referral what guarantees the confidentiality of the investigations and the preservation of the parties’ data in the two incidents.

The Public Prosecution also closely follows “what is published on social media about the decisions issued by the judiciary regarding the consideration of the freedom of some of the accused, and what some seek through what is published by agitating people and disturbing the public peace by exporting an unreal image of the proven reality in the investigations.”

The Public Prosecution affirmed that “the only way to appeal these decisions is through the procedures stipulated in the law, upholding the rule of law and preserving the prestige of the judiciary.”

It also affirmed its “firm response to any attempts to undermine that prestige or to publish false news about the investigations and what they included.”

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