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Egypt revives its civilization | Hafez Barghouti


Hafez Barghouti

Egypt has resurrected its ancient cultural heritage by a procession of transporting the mummies of the Thutmose and Ramessian kings in a royal show that is less than similar in the modern era and with a greatness befitting the great history of Egypt to restore its position as the first tourist destination in the world, because Egypt contains more than half of the archaeological monuments in the world, not to mention what was looted Including by the French, Italian, British and German archaeological missions, so that a large amount of Egyptian antiquities has become outside Egypt. The Louvre Museum in Paris has allocated a large wing for Egyptian antiquities.

Tourism in Egypt has declined in recent decades due to neglect and lack of regulation in this vital sector, then due to the Corona pandemic, and Spain has become more attractive to tourists, so while nearly 11 million tourists visited Egypt in 2018, we find that Spain attracted 83 million tourists in the same year. While visiting an industrial pyramid in Las Vegas, America, nearly forty million visitors, only a few million visit the Egyptian pyramids.

Perhaps the Administrative City project will alleviate the crises of Cairo and make it a tourist destination, with its ancient monuments, pyramids, and Islamic and Coptic monuments.

Tourism in Egypt can be the main source of income and be the first tourist destination in the world with what was discovered in it of antiquities and oddities and what will be discovered, because what was hidden under its sands more than what was revealed, the ancient Egyptian civilization is the strangest in the world and its secrets have not been revealed yet, It still baffles scholars in terms of its grandeur and the mystery of its tools. The puzzling question about it is .. How did an advanced civilization at that time die out and leave no one speaking its language until after the Rosetta Stone was revealed, so where did the ancient Egyptians who wrote in hieroglyphs go? Then how could the Egyptians build monuments, temples and pyramids with accurate engineering that are still a matter of confusion? How did they transport, lift and carve huge granite rocks? The statue of Ramses in Aswan was carved from the Red Sea Mountains, hundreds of kilometers from Aswan, and weighed 95 tons. How was it transported through barren rocky mountains? Then how were the stones of the pyramids raised and weighed in tons?

The Egyptian economic rise is the rise of all Arabs, as Egypt has historically been subjected, in current and earlier eras, to foreign interventions to prevent it from developing and reviving, starting with Muhammad Ali Pasha’s attempt to unify the Arab East in the face of the Turks, where the French, English and Turks allied themselves even though they were in a state of hostility against him because he wanted The development of Egypt, leading to the British occupation and then the tripartite aggression in 1956 after the nationalization of the Suez Canal and Western opposition to the construction of the High Dam because it was a development element leading to the 1967 aggression.

There have always been those who prevent Egypt from its rise and development, because those who lie in wait for evil in the nation realize that Egypt is the strong foundation in the region, and by weakening it, the nation will retreat.

We have seen how many of the countries that are envious of Egypt for their geographical location have reviewed their competition projects for the Suez Canal in recent weeks after the suspension of navigation there for several days.

Now, Egypt appears on the right path to development, giving tourism its importance, facilitating it, and organizing the infrastructure so that it becomes the most important tourist attraction in the world. Egypt, which is considered an integrated museum wherever it goes in its various governorates, must be the focus of the world’s attention as a tourist destination that cannot be matched with any tourist destination in the world.

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