Egypt, the clearing, faces the military production in the league track correction meeting

The first football team of the Masr Al-Maqsas Club meets today with its counterpart Al-Entag El Harby in the Egyptian Premier League football championship, which is scheduled for 5 pm today in the thirteenth round of the local tournament at the Arab Contractors Stadium in Jabal Al Akhdar in a match to correct the course and conditions Inside the ranking table.

Al-Maqasa, led by coach Ihab Jalal, hopes to win and score the three points to adjust the team’s position in the competition schedule this season at the expense of its counterpart El-Entag El-Harby.

On the other hand, the war wheels team, led by coach Hamada Sidqi, will enter, hoping for the three points, to amend the embarrassing situation this season in the competition schedule.

El-Entag El-Harby Club is ranked tenth with 14 points in the league table, while El-Entag El Harby is in the sixteenth place with 9 points in the competition’s ranking table.

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