Egypt .. The tiger of the caliphate admits that Al-Banna’s grandson has assigned him to target officers in the Interior Ministry

Egypt .. The tiger of the caliphate admits that Al-Banna's grandson has assigned him to target officers in the Interior Ministry


Egyptian police

The Egyptian Supreme State Security Prosecution referred the “Tiger Cell” of the “ISIS” organization to the criminal court, after Nimr al-Khilafah and another accused confessed that they had been charged with targeting officers in the Ministry of Interior.

The first defendant, Adel Hamdi Mahmoud Al-Badrawi, known as “The Nimr of the Caliphate”, admitted to the investigations his “joining the” ISIS “organization, which espouses takfiri ideas based on atoning the ruler and the legitimacy of leaving it, financing that organization and providing him with information to achieve its purposes.”

He pointed out that “during the year 2013, he was aware of the publications of the” ISIS “group through the international information network, so he embraced its ideas that members of the armed forces and the police should fight under the pretext of non-application of Islamic law, targeting their facilities and public facilities, and expropriating the blood of Christians and the expropriation of their money, property and places of worship. .

He added, “During 2014, he traveled to North Sinai governorate, seeking to join the” Wilayat Sinai “group, affiliated with the group mentioned above, and for failing to reach one of its members. And by his acquaintance with the group’s leader, Hariri, “the grandson of al-Banna”, through the social networking site “Facebook,” the latter informed him of his responsibility for one of the cells of the group, and the second accused joined it.

He continued, “He was assigned to create a page on social networking sites for the purpose of promoting the ideas and beliefs of the group, so he carried out what was assigned to him, and established a page called” The Tiger of the Caliphate “on the social networking sites” Facebook “. And training of personnel in the manufacture and use of conventional weapons and means of wireless and electronic communication, and education of war arts and combat methods, and education on how to use firearms and manufacture explosive materials.

He pointed out that “through the page, there was a promotion of how to target security facilities, and the use of secured communications programs via mobile phones and the international information network, to be used in inciting the commission of operations aimed at achieving the goals of the terrorist group.”

He pointed out that “within the framework of his joining that group, he collected data and information about officers working for the Aman company affiliated with the Ministry of Interior to hand them over to the group’s leaders, the grandson of Al-Banna,” through the international information network in preparation for targeting them.

Nasser Hatem

Source: RT

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