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Egypt to “the envoys of America and Europe”: The unilateral measures in the Renaissance Dam are producing huge negative repercussions


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Dr. Mohamed Abdel Ati, Minister of Irrigation, stressed that the unilateral measures taken by the Ethiopian side with regard to filling and operating the Renaissance Dam will result in huge negative repercussions, which makes this dam one of the major challenges facing Egypt today, at a time when Egypt suffers from water scarcity. Severe steep offset by abundance of water in Ethiopia.

Abdel-Atti added – during his meeting with Ambassador Donald Booth, the US envoy to Sudan, and Marina Fraila, the envoy of the European Union – that Egypt supports development in all countries of the Nile Basin, indicating that Egypt seeks to achieve the benefit of all by reaching a fair and binding legal agreement for all that meets aspirations. All nations are in development.

During the meeting, he reviewed the history of negotiations during the past years, the current position regarding the negotiations, and Egypt’s clear desire to complete them, with an emphasis on Egypt’s principles in preserving its water rights..

He stressed Egypt’s support for the Sudanese proposal calling for the formation of an international quartet, led by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with the participation of the United States, the European Union and the United Nations, to mediate between the three countries, noting the importance of the negotiations being effective and serious to maximize their chances of success..

Ambassador Hamdy Sanad Loza, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for African Affairs, received Ambassador Donald Booth, yesterday, to discuss the developments of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam file and the ongoing efforts to re-launch negotiations in order to reach an agreement on filling and operating the Renaissance Dam..

The Deputy Foreign Minister stressed the need to reach an agreement on filling and operating the Renaissance Dam at the earliest possible opportunity and before Ethiopia begins implementing the second phase of filling, in order to ensure that Egypt and Sudan are not negatively affected by the filling process..

In another context, the German ambassador to Cairo, Dr. Cyril Noon, said in a press conference at the embassy’s headquarters, that Egypt depends on the Nile water for life and sustenance and needs this water, and we must find a solution to support these rights and needs, and this must be done through diplomatic means, and on The international community working to find a solution to safeguard Egyptian rights.

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