Egypt Youth Initiative announces awareness of population issues to 130,000 citizens in 18 governorates

The Egyptian Youth Initiative announced the awareness of 130 thousand citizens in 18 governorates to adapt and deal with the changes imposed by the Corona pandemic on the dynamics of the Egyptian family, as they were made aware of positive parenting methods and dealing with negative behaviors among children to avoid violence, and to know the services provided by the state in case of need, Young people also used this opportunity to educate citizens about population issues.

The awareness was carried out by a number of young Egyptians volunteers from the student organizations of the Faculties of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy.

This came within the framework of the role played by the National Population Council in supporting the implementation of the National Population Strategy, which includes raising the demographic characteristics of the Egyptian family along with controlling population growth to achieve a balance between population growth rates and development.

The Egyptian Youth Initiative comes under the umbrella of the National Population Council and with support from UNICEF, as part of the state’s efforts to activate the role of youth in volunteer work and community participation as active partners in development efforts.

It is worth noting that the initiative has reached more than a million citizens with educational content through its media communication pages.

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