Egypt’s recent crises … How did the “Brotherhood Brigades” exploit it?

The hostility was also evident in the collision of the Sohag trains and the collapse of a building in the Gesr al-Suez neighborhood, east of Cairo, in recent days.

And all this took place in conjunction with Turkey’s announcement of its desire for rapprochement with Egypt.

According to sources and experts, the organization moved within the framework of a plan with specific mechanisms aimed at inflaming Egyptian public opinion and agitating the people through the Brotherhood’s electronic battalions, relying on rumors and fallacies about the work of the Egyptian government.

Hatred reflects frustration

The Egyptian researcher who defected from the organization, Tariq Al-Bashbishi, says that the Brotherhood relies on a clear approach to managing crises that attacks countries and tries to weaken and exhaust them.

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, he added that gloating and hatred are the predominant feature in the organization’s dealings towards Egypt. Rather, the matter reached them to wish for something worse than that. They are the ones who declared that they “either rule Egypt or burn it.”

Al-Bashbishi explains that his gloating about the organization and dealing with crises with this amount of hatred reflects the extent of the frustration he is going through after the Egyptian-Turkish rapprochement that harms his interests in the first place, because it will lose the most important haven for its members as well as the most prominent supporter.

He pointed out that the Brotherhood used the weapon of electronic committees during the past few days to spread rumors, in an attempt to sow a state of frustration and despair among the Egyptians, but those attempts failed, and became exposed, known, and the Egyptians do not mistake them.

Al-Bashbishi did not rule out the possibility that the organization had planned and executed some of the incidents that Egypt witnessed during the past days, indicating that the organization has a long history of carrying out such operations.

Al-Bashbishi explained that the group carried out numerous burning and assassinations during the period that followed their fall from power following the popular revolution in June 2013.

It is not unlikely that some sleeper cells have moved in Egypt to carry out the train accident or to overthrow the architecture, but the matter is still under investigation, according to the Egyptian researcher.

An old approach

The Egyptian writer, Tharwat Al-Kharbawi, says that the organization has a special approach to “the strategy of activating and exploiting crises,” as after the June 30 revolution, committees were formed to aggravate traffic, services and the economy, in addition to the terrorism strategy that targeted state institutions and a plan to spread rumors.

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, Al-Kharbawi added that all these tools aim to pressure the Egyptian state and its political leaders to accept what the Brotherhood proposes.

With the passage of time, the ceiling of the Brotherhood decreased a lot, at first they were talking about their return to the government, but after the disastrous failure of the organization, the desire to open channels for dialogue with Egypt became their highest aspiration.

He explains that the crisis activation plan uses the Brotherhood’s electronic committees to directly dramatize the crises, and turn the achievements of the political systems into failure.

The leader who has defected from the organization warns of the danger of the sleeper cells belonging to the organization in secret, and most of them are directed in the institutions of the Egyptian state, and they show great love and belonging to the homeland, but inside them is the organizational affiliation of the Brotherhood and they often receive secret coded instructions that come from the leaders of the outside and implement them with the letter.

Exploiting people’s miseries
The Egyptian writer explains that the group is accustomed to exploiting people’s tragedies and pains to trade in them and achieve political interests, stressing that this approach is not new to it because it has already carried out terrorist operations that have targeted all Egyptian state institutions, army, police and judiciary, as well as politicians and media professionals.

Al-Kharbawi said that the matter reached the point where the Brotherhood detonated a car bomb in front of an institute for the treatment of cancer patients in Egypt, and this is a very criminal matter, but the Brotherhood carried out these crimes in the service of their political interests, only because they feel hostility towards Egypt and the desire to take revenge on the Egyptians who dropped them from the country’s rule. .

For his part, Tariq Al-Bashbishi confirms that the organization feels strong hatred towards the Egyptians and deals with crises or even natural disasters that the country is going through as moments of victory for them, because they are exploiting them to promote their false ideas about the state.

He said that they did not respect the sanctity of blood in any incident and always used the blood of people to trade and gain interests and promote their ideas and interests.

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