FilGoal | News | To continue to dominate since 2004 .. Al-Masry defeats Mansoura by three in the Egypt Cup

Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid and Alaa Atta celebrate Al-Masry’s goal in the Arab Contractors

Al-Masry Club managed to win 3-0 against Al-Masry in the 32nd round of the Egyptian Cup, on Monday at Alexandria Stadium.

Al-Masry’s goals were scored by Ahmed Gomaa, Austin Amotou and Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid.

In the round of 16, Al-Masry faces the winner of the Talaia El-Geish and Al-Qanat match, which takes place on Thursday.

Skirmishes and goal fought in the first half

At first, Al-Mansour tried to surprise Al-Masry from the right side, after several starts, until a dangerous cross reached the ground in the 13th minute, had it not been for Essam Tharwat, who came out at the right time in front of the six-yard area to catch the ball before Jalal Al-Sharqawi managed to score the first goal.

Al-Masry almost scored the first goal in the 19th minute after a corner by Ahmed Shedid Kenawy to reach Ahmed Juma’s head, but the crossbar saved Al-Mansoura.

Saidou Simboure sent a long pass deep into Mansoura’s defenses into the penalty area in the 32nd minute, to reach Omar Kamal, who was unable to control the ball in front of the goal to be lost.

Al-Masry scored the first goal in the 44th minute, after a start from Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid on the right to Mansoura, who sent a cross from the edge of the penalty area from the corner line to reach Ahmed Juma’s head, who scored brilliantly.

A second game, controlled by the Egyptian

Al-Masry dominated the second half and almost surprised his guest with a goal in the 61st minute after trying twice by Mohamed Grindo and then Ahmed Jumaa, but Hazem Hani, the Mansoura defender, saved the situation in a wonderful way before the ball reached the goal.

Al-Masry added the second goal in the 78th minute, from a direct free kick by Ahmed Shedid Kenawy, and Atef Nashi, Mansoura’s goalkeeper, brilliantly tackled it, but Austin Amotu was on the lookout and finished the ball into the net.

Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid added the third goal in the 89th minute, after a pass through and a great start, to master the ball in the net.

Al-Masry’s positive results continued in his recent confrontations against Al-Mansoura, as Al-Masry won 4 times from the last five confrontations and tied once in all competitions.

It was also the first confrontation between the two teams since 2010, during which Al-Masry had won the league 1-0. Also, these victories and positive results began in 2004, in the eighth round, with Al-Masry winning 4-0.

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