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Galaxy Fold-style pixel Jumbojack detected in Android 12.1

For over a year now, we’ve been anticipating when Google develops its first foldable Pixel phone, codenamed “Passport”. Thanks to the details in the upcoming Android 12.1, we learned that Google has another foldable pixel called “Jumbojack”.

Last year we unveiled the first real proof from Google that it has a foldable device in action. In development under the codename “Passport”, this device is designed, at least at the same time, to come out in the “fourth quarter of 2021”. At that time, details about the device became more realistic, with slight guessing Until folds appear on it build Android 12 Beta.

According to a source familiar with Android development, the next release mid-cycle includes what we’re collectively calling “Android 12.1” details about a second foldable pixel. This second device is codenamed “Jumbojack”. We were able to verify the presence of Jumbojack in the documents he viewed earlier 9to5Google.

There are many cases where Jumbojack has been used as a test device because at the time it was and still is Android 12. For example, Google used it to test adding “static” to Android APIs. When the position is pivotal, pivot trades such as ‘open’, ‘closed’, ‘half open’ and ‘inverted’. One reasonable explanation is that the Jumbojack is just an internal test device, yet Google explicitly refers to it as a “pixel”.

Ostensibly, Jumbojack will also include two widths, and when that pixel is folded, the second width will not be available. It features a Galaxy Fold-style design, with a larger internal screen and a smaller external screen.

One interesting aspect of Jumbojack is that it apparently includes some improvements in Android 12 that won’t show up on other folders until Android 12.1. More precisely, the second foldable pixel deals with the split screen in a new way, apparently similar to the work Samsung has done with it. With these features included straight ahead From Android 12.1 can talk to this foldable Pixel that will arrive before the middle of the cycle, we have yet to see any signs of Jumbojack appearing in regular Pixel apps.

As for the codename “JumboJack” itself, it appears to be a reference to Jumbo Jack Jumbo Jack from Jack Box. It’s not clear if this cheeseburger’s origins are a hint of its foldable design. “Hamburger style” like the Galaxy Z Flip rather than a “hot dog style” like the Galaxy Z Fold.

At the moment, we don’t have any other clues regarding this specific foldable pixel, such as the chip used or the size of the screens. Likewise, we’re not sure how Jumbojack will handle the fix for the second foldable Pixel, whether the two devices will release side-by-side or separately within a year, or whether both will launch at all. We’ll continue to look forward to more testimonials about Jumbojack over the coming months.