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Halo 2’s ‘Impossible’ $20,000 Challenge Has Finally Been Beaten

They said it was impossible, and that seemed to be the case for nearly two decades. But last night, a streamer named Girvalin won Halo 2The Undying LASO Challenge, earned $20,000 in the process. Talk about ending the fight.

Let’s go back. Earlier this summer, YouTuber Charles “Cr1tikal” White Jr.. Post a $5,000 bonus to win Halo 2 In the highest difficulty setting, with the bonus challenge modifier turned on, no death required. In the 18 years since then Halo 2In 2004 on Xbox, no one published proof of completing the challenge. White’s challenge states that the entire tour is broadcast, either on YouTube or Twitch. By July, no one had made it to the plate, so in the past month, Wyatt Pay an additional $15,000 to the bonus.

Most observers watching the challenge had their money Gervaline—A relatively private broadcast player who has earned a modest following to set world records in a variety Hello Challenges – being the first person to complete them. Sure enough, he crossed the finish line late last night. (This is the archived flow.)

Neither White nor Jervalin could be reached for comment in time for publication.

Jervalin was noticeably cold to finish what some people, including White Jr., described. , as “the toughest challenge of all the games,” addressing viewers in a balanced tone that you’ll use as you move on to the next supplement in a mostly empty community board meeting.

“Okay, chat,” he said. “I think we did. I think we did it silly. imagine that. Two years ago I said, “I think that’s impossible.” Imagine that silly.”

whether that or Halo 2The LASO Undying Challenge is actually “harder…to play” and is of course a personal action. But it is definitely there. You have to activate all of the game’s skulls, or play modifiers that usually increase the difficulty level. Hunting skull, for example, makes enemies throw grenades more frequently. Famine, meanwhile, means enemies drop half the ammo they usually do. Legendary doubles the health of all enemies, while Rage increases the enemy’s fire rate. Removes your Blind HUD. Killers turn into invisible enemies. (Not technically All skulls. As for the challenge, stop Envy, because that one gives you invisibility too, which is not something to make Halo 2 More difficult, for obvious reasons.) All together, when you turn on each skull and play Legendary, the game’s highest difficulty setting, you more or less create a set of conditions that guarantee you’ll die instantly if you take any damage.

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Jervalin had to rely on a few exploits to finish the challenge. To wit: He brought a banshee, a violet-colored aerial vehicle with a powerful cannon, into the final boss fight against Tartarus on the “Great Journey” level. That final fight takes place on a series of circumferential platforms hovering over an abyss. With pinpoint precision, he used the banshee’s cannon to send waves of foes careening off the edge as they spawn—before they get a chance to really even fight.

I’ve been covering the Hello community for a while now, and can’t recall a time where I’ve seen players pretty unanimous in an opinion, let alone a positive one. Sure, Halo Infinitethe latest game in the series, has its issues, which Players do not shy away from criticism. But there is still reverence among the biggest names for original Bungie games since the mid-2000s, and players can achieve impressive successes.