Happening today .. EgyptAir flies 64 flights

“Al-Bawaba News” reviews the most important and prominent news expected today, Saturday, February 20, 2021, which came as follows:

EgyptAir flies 64 flights
EgyptAir operates 64 flights with an average of 45 international flights to Beirut, Paris, Baghdad, Accra, Lagos, Tunis, Abuja, Doha, Abu Dhabi, London, Madrid, Moscow, Milan, Istanbul, Geneva, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dubai , Rome, Munich, New York, Berlin (Germany), Vienna, Frankfurt, Bahrain, Khartoum, Oman, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Erbil.
In addition, 15 domestic flights are operated to Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, Luxor and Aswan, and 4 air freight flights, all of these flights carrying more than 5312 passengers.

Meteorology: The weather today is moderate during the day and very cold at night
Meteorological experts expect that moderate weather will prevail in the country today in Cairo, Lower Egypt and northern Upper Egypt that tends to be cold on the northern coasts, warm on the south of Upper Egypt, very cold at night in Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, and the north and south of Upper Egypt, and cold on South Sinai.
The state of the Mediterranean Sea is expected to be light to moderate, with the wave height in it from one to one and a half meters, and for the case of the Red Sea, it will be turbulent, with the wave height in it from two and a half meters to three meters.

A new training course for employees of equal opportunity units in the governorates
The Local Development Center in Saqqara organizes a training course to develop the skills of managers and workers in equal opportunity administrations, for 27 trainees at the level of all governorates, which will last for a week.
Major General Mahmoud Sharawi, Minister of Local Development, explained that the training program includes raising awareness of employees of equal opportunity units and developing their skills about the gains and rights of women in the law and the constitution, developing effective leadership skills in communication, negotiation, and time management, introducing them to the local administration law and the specializations of local development, and increasing their awareness of the most important gains of women. In the Civil Service Law 81 of 2016, and developing their skills in gender statistics and gender responsive budgeting.
Shaarawi indicated that the ministry has implemented two training sessions to develop the skills of heads and workers in equal opportunity units in the governorates at the Local Development Training Center in Saqqara from 2018 until 2020, pointing out that the ministry is evaluating the participants in the training courses for distinguished women occupying executive positions and nominating them to take over leadership positions In the governorates and disseminating their successful development experiences in the rest of the governorates.

Cut off water from 16 districts in Cairo
The Cairo Drinking Water Company announced that water has been cut off from the Zaytoun area (Al Kablat Street – Morsi Khalil Ezbet – Al Amiriya Residence – Al Matareya Street – Health Street – Naam Square – Al Jabal Al Gharbi Street), and Heliopolis area (Al Sebaq Street – Ismail Ramzy and its branches – Aswan Street – Haroun Street – Ismailia Square – Roxy and its branches – Al-Ahram Street and its branches – Al-Ittihadiya – Baron Palace) as of ten o’clock in the morning on Saturday 20/2/2021 until eight o’clock in the evening of the same day due to the work of replacing and renewing the 800 mm diameter water line to feed the olive water lift .
The company appealed to bakery and hospital owners to meet their water needs during the mentioned period.
The company clarified that drinking water cars are provided in the affected areas, and if requested, please call the hotline 125 from the landline.

Cut off water for several areas in Giza
Giza Governorate announced the diversion of a 1600 mm diameter water line located at the Al-Mansouriya canal axis in the Faisal area and exhibitions for the Mansouriya axis works implemented through the Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces.
The governorate of Giza indicates that the matter requires the implementation of the work of these transfers on the next line and that the Drinking Water and Sanitation Company cut off the water for a period ranging between 6 to 12 hours, starting from Saturday morning 20/2/2021.
The governorate notes that the areas that will be affected by the interruption are Kafr Nassar, Manshah Al-Bakary, Kafr Ghatati, Ezbet Jibril, Al-Haram and its branches, Faisal branches from Talbieh to Ramaya, youth housing and officers’ housing.
The Drinking Water and Sanitation Company will provide cars loaded with clean drinking water to move to the places affected by the outage and emergencies. Hotline 125 can be called to meet their needs immediately.

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