Hassan Abu Talib: Egypt succeeded in solving the Libyan crisis without military intervention

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Dr. Hassan Abu Talib, advisor to Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said that Egypt succeeded in resolving the Libyan crisis without military intervention, indicating that the Egyptian state is pushing the peace process to become Libya for all Libyans without escalation or igniting the situation with military intervention.

Abu Talib added to Al-Ghad TV that the international community and the Arab powers bear a great responsibility that equals Libya’s responsibility to maintain the peace process in the Libyan lands to return to control and stabilize the unity of Libya and return to the idea of ​​the real state.

The advisor to Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies pointed out that, since the beginning of the crisis, Egypt has encouraged all parties towards peaceful science and work with the decisions of the United Nations and the decisions of the Palermo and Berlin Conference 1 and 2, explaining that Egypt had a vision of the need for communication between all parties to restore Libya and its civil institutions.

He pointed out that Egypt has defined the red line and does not want to intervene and escalate, nor does the East control the West or the West over the East, but wants the unity and stability of Libya and the exit of terrorist militias in Tripoli as well as the mercenaries, pointing out that the opening of the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli confirms that the Egyptian state is open to a peaceful solution. And communication between all Libyan parties to achieve the interest, which is the return of Libya to the Libyans.

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