History is a record of Egyptian doctors tender without limits, and in every place and time .. We publish the text of President Sisi’s speech at the Doctor’s Day celebration

Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs, delivered a speech on behalf of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi during the celebration of the forty-third Egyptian Doctor’s Day, which was held today, Thursday, at Dar Al-Hikma.

The “Al-Ahram Gate” publishes the text of the word.

I extend to you banking doctors everywhere and in every location on the land of our beloved Egypt, and to you Egyptian doctors all over the world, to greet and honor you for their example and example of outstanding performance, experience, tender, commitment and sincerity, and for what you bear and with all responsibility and belonging to what God Almighty and Almighty decreed for you, you are the angels of mercy and the hand of God In saving humanity from the dangers and repercussions of diseases.
I offer you all my greetings, appreciation, gratitude and respect …

History has recorded the doctors of Egypt giving without limits, everywhere, at all times, and in all the difficult circumstances that our nation went through.

They and their fellow human cadres carry the responsibility and burdens of care and preservation of the human being before his birth by caring for mothers during pregnancy and childbirth, to safe delivery, to medical and immunization care, early detection of injuries and hereditary diseases, to care in the different stages of life.

Every year, on 3/18/2021, Egypt celebrates the Egyptian Doctor’s Day

It is the day of the opening of the first medical school in Egypt and in the Middle East region, which, along with the medical colleges in Egypt, which were established in succession over the years, contributed to the graduation of a cadre of high-level doctors who contributed to medical care over the years not only in Egypt but in the Arab region and many more Countries of the world.

Egypt achieved great success with its children’s arms in reducing maternal mortality due to the effects of pregnancy and childbirth and in a significant reduction in infant mortality in the first year of life and the first five years of life, and it was able, by the power of God and the ingenuity of its children, to raise the level of life expectancy that reached nearly 73 years.

Egypt was also able to get rid of many dangerous chronic diseases such as malaria, diphtheria and whooping cough. The eradication of polio in Egypt was one of the most prominent success stations for Egypt. The great success in treating hepatitis C caused health, economic and social problems for millions of Egyptians. This success was a sign. A milestone in healthcare in Egypt, to which the doctors contributed and brought with it a global achievement.

Doctors in various locations also contributed to the integrated performance of successful presidential initiatives

And the elimination of waiting lists, and the Corona pandemic was this global epidemic that afflicted mankind, in which the performance of doctors and medical personnel was distinguished and contributed to reducing injuries and also controlling many of the repercussions of the disease and saving the lives of thousands of those afflicted by this disease.

The great sacrifices of doctors and medical personnel, whether those who contracted the disease and suffered greatly from its repercussions, or those who moved to the mercy of God and were martyred while performing their professional and patriotic duty with courage, confidence, determination and performance witnessed by everyone with high efficiency.

With all efficiency, professionalism, giving and sacrifice …

The different generations of Egyptian doctors have been able to teach, learn and transfer the cumulative experience from one generation to the next. They have been able to localize all modern technologies for diagnosis and treatment to provide the best Egyptian medical care for the Egyptian people and for people everywhere. The world, the region and the country have witnessed to you with your distinguished capabilities knowledge, experience, performance and dedication and what is happening on earth Egypt, the Arab region and in many countries of the world in terms of medical examination, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, and thousands of surgical operations of various levels, and the extent of success and achievement is the best living proof of the capabilities of the Egyptian doctor, his genius and his humanity.

Today we celebrate the day of the Egyptian doctor

We extend our greetings, appreciation and pride to the Egyptian doctors, appreciating them for what they have done and what they are doing as a national and professional duty with great merit and high level professionalism, and we wish them all success in their mission and giving in the service of the Egyptian people as well as their role in giving in all the countries from which they raise the flag of Egypt from it with the grace of God and their ability And their experience and the giving of Egyptian doctors.

And that is why Egypt and its wise administration do not tolerate and spare no effort to promote the Egyptian doctor and his medical field in order to overcome obstacles and facilitate his mission and national duty.

For this reason, let us work and strive together to promote this beloved country, to put it in the position it deserves with its merit, your distinguished merit, and the distinction of its scholars.

Prof. Dr. / Head of Egyptian Doctors Syndicate.

Prof. Dr. Hussein Khairy
Prof. Dr. Ashraf Hatem
Prof. Dr. Adel Adawy
Honorable members of the General Syndicate of Egyptian Doctors.

Honorable members of the Syndicates branch councils.

Ladies and Gentelmen .

Loved fellow children are on the front line in the chest hospitals, in the fever hospitals.

Colleagues at every medical site.

You have all the greetings, all the appreciation, all the respect and all the gratitude.

We know the amount of giving, the amount of suffering, and the amount of sacrifice.

I tell you your work is destined for you

Your work is destined by the people of Egypt, the leadership of Egypt, and the government of Egypt, and God Almighty appreciated.

The good, high-end reputation, humanity and ethics enjoyed by the sons of this profession valued dearly by every human being who has tasted the bitterness of disease and suffered from its pain and its repercussions, or who lives enjoys his health, wellness, hearing and eyesight with the will of God Almighty.

Dr. Muhammad Awad Tajuddin while delivering the speech

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